Stark Raving Mad

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1999 on NBC

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  • Best show ever!!!

    I have been hunting since the show was cancelled for discs or any way to view it again. THANK YOU!
  • Pilot

    Steven Levitan was responsible for a lot of good shows, but this is one that did not run for nearly as long as it should have.

    You have Neil Patrick Harris and Tony Shalhoub, two people who became immortalized in the comedy world because of their roles on How I Met Your Mother and Monk, but the two excelled here in very different roles. NPH actually played a role similar to Adrian Monk (the role Shalhoub would eventually play) in this series.

    This was a fun premise, but a bit too 70's to succeed in 1999. It definitely wouldn't work now, but that doesn't mean this is not good TV.