Stark Raving Mad

Season 1 Episode 17

The Grade

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 2000 on NBC
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The Grade
Ian's first novel, Below Ground, finds its way onto the reading list in Maddie's contemporary literature class. Maddie is thrilled since she's already read it and it will save her time. Ian helps write Maddie's book report for her, but then is furious when her professor only gives her a "B," claiming that she doesn't understand the author's intentions! Ian goes down to talk to the guy, Professor Tuttle, and get the grade changed to an "A," but when Ian blasts the crooked, thick-headed teacher with the declaration that he wrote Below Ground -- as well as Maddie's paper -- Professor Tuttle does indeed change Maddie's grade. To an "F." When Ian tells Maddie that Tuttle flunked her, she becomes as enraged as he was when he saw the "B." To fix things, Ian comes up with the plan to have Henry meet with Tuttle and claim to be the real Ian Stark, so Tuttle will think Ian was an imposter. Meanwhile, when Jake's girlfriend, Kit, gives him a "man necklace" as a gift, which is so ugly and bulky he doesn't want to wear it, he tries to get out of wearing it by giving her an equally horrible-looking necklace in return.moreless

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      • Jake: I'm putting on my man-necklace.
        Ian: You know what I think is so great about it? It's really a gift for all of us.

      • Jake: When she doesn't want to wear it I can finally take this off and put something more comfortable around my neck. Like the Liberty Bell!

      • Henry: I was Bernardo in "West Side Story."
        Ian: If you were Puerto Rican, then the guy who played Tony must have been an albino.

      • Prof. Tuttle: Where did you go to school?
        Henry: Yale.
        Prof. Tuttle: Ah, Yale. A fine university. I almost taught there. They certainly do a thorough background check.

      • Ian: Say something about the internet. Use words like download and gigabyte. When people over forty hear things like that their eyes just glaze over.

    • NOTES (4)

      • Dina Spybey is credited as Dina Waters.

      • Here's six degrees of NBC separation for you: guest Kelsey Grammer stars on Frasier, which was Stark Raving Mad and Battery Park's lead-in; guest Dina Waters had previously starred on Cold Feet, which, like Battery Park, was axed after four episodes; the series that Steven Levitan created and which led to the development deal that spawned Stark Raving Mad was Just Shoot Me, which later was given the time slot Stark had held; a co-creator and executive producer of Battery Park is Chris Henchy, who has since married Brooke Shields, who starred in Suddenly Susan... which NBC also yanked off the schedule and cancelled in May, 2000; the sitcom that used to air after Frasier on Thursday nights before Stark Raving Mad and Battery Park were launched was Veronica's Closet... which, like Suddenly Susan and Stark Raving Mad, NBC also yanked off the schedule and cancelled in May, 2000.

      • The last episode filmed, this was also the last episode broadcast in season. The series went on a planned six-week hiatus afterwards, allowing NBC to use the slot to test drive a new Gary David Goldberg cop sitcom, Battery Park, starring Elizabeth Perkins (which was originally an ABC cop sitcom, Sugar Hill, starring Charlie Sheen). Battery Park ended up doing worse than Stark Raving Mad, and subsequently stalled and died after just four weeks. Though Stark was very much on the bubble and was supposed to return in May to let NBC executives decide whether or not it was worth renewing, they later changed their mind, feeling that if Kelsey Grammer fans wouldn't even stick around to watch it, no one will. You'd think they'd want to bring back the show that had performed better of the two -- especially considering it still had five episodes on the shelf -- but, no, the network instead decided to throw a bunch of reruns in between Frasier and ER as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire fodder. Failing that, one would think they'd at least show the rest of the remaining episodes over the summer, but Garth Ancier's job was already in jeopardy as it was. So he dumped them. Fate stepped in and dealt the final blow -- five months later, Scott Sassa sold him up the river and he got canned anyway. And a year and a half after that, NBC's president "reassigned" Scott Sassa to a position where he couldn't do any more damage.

      • Tess mentions her friend, Carol Blankenship. The character is named after a real-life person, who was a staffer on Just Shoot Me. She also got a character named after her on that show, too.

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