Starlight Theatre - Season 2

CBS (ended 1951)




Episode Guide

  • The Gravy Train
    The Gravy Train
    Episode 21
    Sally Servewell is the popular food editor of a women's magazine. In reality, she's the pen name of a guy named Mike. When the editor decides Sally would boost circulation if she was TV, an attractive woman from the typing pool is selected to be Sally on a cooking show. The new-found fame quickly changes "Sally" from sweet and innocent into a demanding "star", despite the fact that she is helpless in the kitchen without Mike directing her every move.moreless
  • Act of God Nonwithstanding
    Ed Kennedy and his men face the formidable task of keeping the electricity on during a blizzard. Trapped in the power plant for two days already, they're exhausted when their equipment begins to fail. This is just as the local doctor is performing emergency surgery. Ed doesn't know it, but the procedure is to deliver his new daughter by Caesarean section.moreless
  • Lunch at DiSalvo's
  • With Abited Breath
  • In a Military Manner
  • Three Hours Between Planes
  • The Fascinating Mr. Hogan
  • The Comeback
    The Comeback
    Episode 14

    Dorine, masseuse to many a Hollywood actress, is shocked to find former movie star Jack Corvello reduced to working at the neighborhood laundry. Convinced the still handsome and charming actor could be a star again, she begins plotting his comeback. She teams up with two of her buddies, a chauffeur and butler who work for Hollywood big-wigs, to make sure the right people know Jack is ready to work.

  • Bernice Bobs Her Hair
    It's the Roaring 20s and Marge is the life of the party. Her flavorless cousin Bernice is visiting from Wisconsin and, despite having money, is a real wet blanket. Marge tries giving her advice on coming out of her shell before publicly challenging her to bob her hair, a major act of rebellion during those days.moreless
  • I Guess There Are Other Girls
  • The Magnificent Faker
  • Season for Marriage
  • Flaxen-Haired Mannequin
  • Miss Buell
    Miss Buell
    Episode 8
    High school teacher Miss Buell, responsible for the senior class play, is upset that the students get to elect the cast members. They've voted for Harry Santis, the arrogant star football player as the male lead in Romeo and Juliet.
  • The Magic Wire
    The Magic Wire
    Episode 7
  • Julie
    Episode 6
    David Locke is directing a new play that's a guaranteed hit because the great Julie Todd has agreed to star. The temperamental actress demands that the young woman playing her daughter be replaced because she reminds her too much of herself. There's a good reason for that: the girl's her niece.moreless
  • Be Nice to Mr. Campbell
  • Relatively Speaking
  • Two White Horses
    Two White Horses
    Episode 3
    "Two White Horses" with Lee Bowman, Mary Sinclair and Ralph Riggs.
  • A Man in the Room
    A Man in the Room
    Episode 2
    Virginia is a compassionate, caring woman who runs a beauty shop. She's becoming disenchanted with Ron, her high society boyfriend who has yet to tell his snobbish mother about their relationship. A misunderstanding over an ill sailor she helps leads Ron to jump to conclusions and assume Virginia is a loose woman. His eventual apology is not enough.moreless
  • Before You Came Along
    The Bodericks are a middle-aged couple facing a marital crisis. Helen, insecure about her plain looks, flies off the handle when George tells her about running into an old girlfriend. He goes to visit his old flame Margie and is upset to find she doesn't remember him as fondly as he does her. In fact, she thinks he's someone else entirely.moreless
  • Welcome Home
    Welcome Home
    Episode 1
    After two years abroad, war correspondents Mike and Ann return to the United States to an unexpected welcome. While they were gone, the network's publicity agent turned Ann into a media sensation as the great female reporter who can hold her own in combat. Despite their plans to be together, Ann gets swept up in the speeches, parties, and in being a celebrity.moreless
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