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  • Alien returns for his family

    This short lived series had very good potential to become a big hit but unfortunately, it never grew up or went past the emotion of the first episodes thus slowly dwindling down into a predictable show. The only thing i can remember about this show with enthusiasm is the magical marble our "alien" would use to pull out his tricks and escape from the terrible situations he was forced to face in search of his son and lover. This marble became a fetish for all kids in my school, because it would be our new magical item to play around in our imaginary games.
  • Imaginative and out of this world.

    This show is a spinoff of the movie by the same name. It's about a alien who comes to earth and ends up falling in love with a mortal. He ends up being chased by the police and in order to avoid getting caught he decides to leave and go back home. Before he goes, however, he tells the woman that he fell in love with that she's going to have a baby. This series takes place about sixteen years after the alien leaves. He decides to return to Earth in search of his son and girlfriend. He is able to locate his teenage son and they both spend the entire series in search of the boy's mother while helping others along the way. Meanwhile they are constantly escaping police custody and the police continues to chase after them.

    During the journey, both father and son finally have the opportunity to get to know each other. They do eventually find his mother. However, it doesn't last long and she disappears again and they continue the journey. I enjoy this show because of the bond that is formed between both father and son.