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First screeching onto television screens in 1975, 'Starsky & Hutch' brought much of the streetwise grit, the violence, and the sheer excitement from hit movies such as 'Dirty Harry' to the small screen. There had been Police series virtually since then beginning of television, but 'Starsky & Hutch' had something else – this show was undoubtedly "hip". A huge hit at the time, it now stands as one of the iconic cop shows of the 1970s, particularly thanks to the fashions and infamous car chases that went with it. On the surface, plain-clothes Detectives Starsky and Hutch were like oil and water. Ken Hutchinson opted very much for the quiet life, being well read, a deep thinker, and enjoying fine cuisine. Dave Starsky, on the other hand, was louder, more brash, enjoying street life and a diet of junk food. Their personalities might have contrasted, but once together, they meshed perfectly, practically operating and thinking as one, as they rid the streets of muggers, drug pushers, murderers, rapists, racketeers, and similar scum. Their methods weren't always the most orthodox and they weren't afraid to bend the rules, but they always got results. Huggy Bear was the duo's ultra-hip, jive talking, streetwise informant. It was sometimes lightly hinted that Huggy was a pimp, but this was never really confirmed (or denied) in the series. By the fourth, final season, things had become very watered down from the violent early days, with far tamer stories, and many episodes played firmly tongue-in-cheek, with the light-hearted "buddy-buddy" element at the fore more than ever. Glaser was still unhappy with his contract tying him to the series, and as a result, it was rumored that it was considered killing his character off in the final episode of the season, "Sweet Revenge". There was some speculation that for the fifth season, Hutch would be partnered by Starsky's younger brother Nicholas, introduced previously in the fourth season in "Starsky's Brother", but whether this proposal was ever seriously considered or not, nothing ever became of the idea. Either way, Starsky lived on, and Glaser was freed of the contract anyway when ABC decided not to renew the show for a fifth season, due to by then slipping ratings. All four seasons are currently available on DVD through Sony Pictures.moreless

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  • Paul Michael Glaser

    Paul Michael Glaser

    Detective Sergeant David "Dave" Michael Starsky

    David Soul

    David Soul

    Detective Sergeant Kenneth "Ken Hutch" Hutchinson

    Antonio Fargas

    Antonio Fargas

    "Huggy Bear" Brown

    Bernie Hamilton

    Bernie Hamilton

    Captain Harold C. Dobey

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    • Starsky and hutch

      Starsky and hutch undoubtedly the definitive cop show of the decade much better than the Rockford files and Kojak , Charlies angels etc better writing more action serviceable performances from Glaser and soul and a dynamic chemistry that no other cop duos of this genre could replicate .
    • Often imitated, but not quite duplicated, I think only Miami Vice came close enough to that distinction.

      I have a couple of personal favorites and this has to be my number one! ALL police/cop shows have tried to duplicate the chemistry and entertainment that this show gave for four great seasons. I have all of the dvd's and although there are scenes missing from some of the shows which is not cool, I still enjoy watching each and every episode, with Murder on voodoo island, part I and II being in my top ten. The casting was great all around, as each character was a great "fit" for each actor. All I can say is if you want to hate on this show, you don't have any friends you would die for!!moreless
    • Hutch is the practical one, Starsky the funny and impractical... they go together like peanut butter and jelly...

      The best show ever! No words to explain!

      Watch Starsky and Hutch! If you do not like this show you have to be insane! hahah.. I love the dry humor that is spread through out the show mixed in with plenty of action and serious plots! These two guys rock.... too bad that they are not real!

      Once again this is the best show ever! You have to either get it at the library or watch it online for free at aol video. Its in the channel axn!

      Watch this show if you watch nothing else. It happens to be the best classic tv show ever!moreless
    • How can I begin to describe one of the best buddy/cop shows on the air in the Seventies.

      I looked forward to each episode and hated it when I had to miss it for some reason. The chemistry between David Soul and Paul M. Glaser was superb, with each man giving to his character that special something that can't be duplicated. The blond and the cute, the dark and the handsome, one a thinker, the other a doer, one quiet, one a little bit loud, but both very appealing....Did their best work in a red and white Torino. The show was at it's best when the powers that be let them do their own thing, at it's worst when it tried to comply with those who wanted it to be something it was was not a show about social workers, it was a show about two cops and two men who cared about each other and was at its greatest when it found humor after all the chaos of the evenings episode. It was and is truly one of its kind. I loved it and cherish it as one of my favorite childhood shows.moreless
    • A timeless classic!

      Starsky & Hutch is a timeless classic that set the standard for the rest of the "buddy" cop shows that were to follow. David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser made the show and worked harder than most to achieve quality in what they did, and it showed. They were extremely dedicated and gave it their all for the show and the fans. Plus, the stunts and sometimes physical risk they took for the show probably wouldn't even be allowed today. David Soul injured himself in the pilot episode when he bounced on the roof of his car, a decision he made, just to improve the scene! They fought for better scripts and even got into directing some of the episodes. You gotta love those guys!moreless

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