Starsky And Hutch

Season 1 Episode 3

Death Ride

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 1975 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Starsky and Hutch can be send at the end in Huggy's place playing pong on a sit down cocktail table.  Very popular video game at the time.

    • When the Torino first leaves the parking area with Mello's limo following, it is clear that the rear tires on the Torino are of a dramatically different size than shown moments later during the shootout with the motorcycle killers.

    • When Starsky & Hutch are escorting Mello's limousine, it is ambushed by two killers on a motorcycle. Two bullet holes are fired through the Torino's windshield, and immediately vanish in the next shot.

    • There are clearly two different cabs used in the production of this episode. At times it has a brown interior, and other times it is clearly a black interior!

    • Nit-pick: The car that follows the taxi as Starsky, Hutch and Joanne leave Joanne's appeartment, appears to be the same car, that was the car rigged with explosives two episodes previously, in 'Savage Sunday'. It's the same model, and even painted the same shade of green.

    • You have to look real close for this one: In the shoot-out in the cornfield, Starsky's gun is empty (the slide stays open indicating that there are no more rounds in the gun) but he keeps shooting. It happens again when he is trying to get George out of the cab.

    • When Starsky, Hutch, Joanne and George the taxi driver are driving along, before the shoot-out at the corn-field, watch Hutch's position in the car. In the shots of all four of them, he is seen to be sitting directly behind Starsky, who is sitting in the front passenger seat. Yet in the close-up shots of him, the arc on the back window suggests that he is sitting in the centre of the back seat, and in the close-up shots of Starsky in the passenger seat, there are no visible signs of Hutch sitting behind him.

  • Quotes

    • Starsky: Well, here we are again, facing danger together in the pursuit of law and order. To the average passer-by we may seem like three ordinary people on our way up to visit Marcus Welby or on our way up to the maternity ward to see if it's a boy or a girl or something in between. Little do they know that we are three dedicated, highly skilled servants of the public.
      Hutch: Starsky...shut up!

    • D.A. Coleman: I'll pretend I didn't hear that last remark.
      Dobey: Hey listen, you can pretend you're a 747, but that bird still ain't gonna fly!

    • Hutch: So, who do we trust?
      Starsky: Like always, me and thee.

  • Notes

    • Charlie Picerni, who worked on the series as stunt co-ordinator and as Paul Michael Glaser's stunt double, plays, uncredited, one of the hit-men out to stop Starsky and delivering Joanne safely. He is seen more prominently playing a different character in the second season's feature-length / two-part 'Murder At Sea'.

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