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    I saw once a humor list about Sailor Moon titled "You know you watch too much Sailor Moon when..." and I taught why not one about Starsky & Hutch? Here it is, "You know you watch too much Starsky & Hutch when..."

    -you name your kids Ken Hutchison and David Starsky.

    -you trade your current car for a 1974-76 2-door Ford Torino.

    -you painted your car red with a white stripe.

    -you read every S&H fanfic on

    -you check at your current life and you want to be a cop like Starsky & Hutch.

    -you have dreams about what if there was a season 4 or even a season 5 of S&H.

    -you wonder why the cops of "Law & Order", "Detroit 1-8-7",etc... can't have a cool car like Starsky & Hutch?

    -you have a friend nicknamed Huggy Bear.

    -you hum the S&H theme song when you take your shower.

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