Starsky And Hutch

Season 2 Episode 20

Huggy Bear and the Turkey

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 1977 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Huggy Bear has linked up with his friend, former Sheriff "Turkey" Turquet, to set up their own Private Detective Agency. Their first case sees them hired to find a woman's missing husband, and while trying to find him, they find themselves pursued by several undesirable parties who have various concerns with the elusive man in question...moreless

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  • The Makings of a Spin-Off Series

    In this episode,Huggy Bear,and a former Town Lawman come together to work as a pair of detectives.Their first case:find the husband of an hysterical woman.As they will find in their investigation,Huggy Bear,and his partner Turkey(Turkette.Yes this is his name)will discover that things are not what it seems.Neither is the people.I am glad that this potential spin-off did not go through.Starsky and Hutch without Huggy Bear?He would have been sorely missed.
Paul Michael Glaser

Paul Michael Glaser

Detective Sergeant David "Dave" Michael Starsky

David Soul

David Soul

Detective Sergeant Kenneth "Ken Hutch" Hutchinson

Bernie Hamilton

Bernie Hamilton

Captain Harold C. Dobey

Antonio Fargas

Antonio Fargas

"Huggy Bear" Brown

Dale Robinette

Dale Robinette

J.D. Turquet "Turkey / Turk"

Guest Star

Emily Yancy

Emily Yancy

Foxy Baker

Guest Star

Richard Romanus

Richard Romanus

Sonny Watson

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Very noticeable editing together of different takes when Huggy and Turkey corner thugs Milo and Sugar in the deserted fairground – on the shots / dialogue of the two thugs locked in the cage, there is considerable background noise, but on the shots / dialogue of Huggy and Turkey, there is practically none.

    • This episode seems to have had some interference on the sound recording, with distracting background noise on the soundtrack of a number of scenes, particularly interior ones, and particularly those set in Huggy and Turkey's office.

    • Blackie Dammett (Sugar)'s name is mis-spelt 'Dammet' (missing second 't') on the closing credits.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Coming out of Blind Bessie's, Huggy and Turk are jumped by two armed thugs -
      Thug: "Okay, this can go easy or hard, now who you workin' for?"
      Turkey: "Oh, that's privileged information a..." (gives a groan as he is punched in the stomach)
      Huggy: "We're employed by Mrs. Foxy Baker, 321 and a half Chandler Avenue, telephone number 3211321. You want the zip code, I'll be glad to look it up for you, okay?"

  • NOTES (6)

    • Huggy's friend "Turkey" had, unsurprisingly, never been mentioned before in the series, and was never mentioned again.

    • In this episode is the first and (to be confirmed) only time in the entire series that Huggy's last name is given – several time in the story, he is referred to as Huggy Bear Brown.

    • Huggy and Turkey get their first case at 'The Pits' bar (which their office is over), previously seen a couple of episodes previously in 'Survival', which Huggy would take ownership of, from the third season episode 'The Collector'.

    • Starsky and Hutch themselves only feature at the beginning, a scene in the middle, and at the end of the story – which is partly the reason that the episode isn't very popular with many fans. In one of their few scenes in this story, Starsky and Hutch are seen to be working undercover as camp hair-dressers Tyrone (Hutch) and Mr. Marlene (Starsky). They would take on these personas again in the fourth season's 'Dandruff' – but there, Starsky would be Tyrone and Hutch Mr. Marlene.

    • This episode acted as a test Pilot for a potential spin-off series starring Huggy Bear and his friend, former Sheriff J.D. "Turkey" Turquet, that presumably would have been called 'Huggy Bear and the Turkey'. The general fan response wasn't very popular, and the would-be series itself never appeared. It's considered by many fans to be amongst the (if not the) worst episodes of the entire series. (Personally, while hardly one of the series' best episodes, I find it a bearably silly "what if" break from the norm of the show, and is no less watchable than some of the weak late episodes – but that's just my personal opinion, and not shared by many fans!).

    • Bernie Hamilton (Captain Dobey) does not appear in this episode.