Starsky And Hutch

Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 03, 1978 on ABC

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  • Good episode for the series finale.

    Starsky and Hutch are in pursuit of robbers. Great opening chase scene. When Starsky crashes the torino in a construction area Hutch is thrown headfirst into the windshield. In the hospital we find out Hutch has amnesia.
    Starsky recollects from past episodes in an effort to jog Hutch's memory. Through comments Hutch makes we figure out that he is faking the amnesia. Starsky finally finds out Hutch is faking and goes off on him and asks why he did that. Hutch replies how else would he hear all those great stories. Funny moments when they are faking the amnesia to Dobey cracking on him. Should have been the series final episode at the end of season 4.
  • Starsky and Hutch are in an acciddent, and Hutch loses his memory.

    Starsky and Hutch are chasing this car until Starsky crashes the Torino, and puts both of them in the hospital. Starsky cames out of it okay with only a scratch above his eye. On the other hand Hutch didn't get to be so lucky as Starsky. In fact he got amnesia, and can't remember anything at all. So Starsky tries to help Hutch remember by telling him stories about his life. In the end when Starsky was talking about Terry giving him that book on how to win Monopoly he said he didn't know why Terry gave him that book, and Hutch said because you sick at the game. Starsky starts getting excited thinking that Hutch is getting back his memory only to learn that Hutch was faking amnesia the whole time.
    I thought this was a pretty good episode. I thought it was really funny when Hutch and Starsky were still trying to trick Dobey into thinking Hutch still had amnesia until the nurse made the comment about him faking the amnesia, and Dobey asigning them the traffic control.
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