Starsky And Hutch

ABC (ended 1979)


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  • How can I begin to describe one of the best buddy/cop shows on the air in the Seventies.

    I looked forward to each episode and hated it when I had to miss it for some reason. The chemistry between David Soul and Paul M. Glaser was superb, with each man giving to his character that special something that can't be duplicated. The blond and the cute, the dark and the handsome, one a thinker, the other a doer, one quiet, one a little bit loud, but both very appealing....Did their best work in a red and white Torino. The show was at it's best when the powers that be let them do their own thing, at it's worst when it tried to comply with those who wanted it to be something it was was not a show about social workers, it was a show about two cops and two men who cared about each other and was at its greatest when it found humor after all the chaos of the evenings episode. It was and is truly one of its kind. I loved it and cherish it as one of my favorite childhood shows.
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