Starsky And Hutch

ABC (ended 1979)


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  • Starsky and Hutch is an action/police/buddy series that aired from 1975 to 1979. Even today this show has a devoted fanbase. Thanks to the DVD's now available, fans can watch Starsky and Hutch anytime they want.

    Starsky and Hutch is classic TV.The first season was arguably the best with it's more gritty and action packed episodes. I still love the Torino. There will never be two actors in a series that were so perfectly matched as David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser and the fact that they are still friends today says a lot about the personal feelings they brought to the show. Their personal friendship mirrored that of their on screen characters and because of that, we bought that these guys were that devoted to each other.Great action, great characters, and fun to watch.