Starsky And Hutch

Season 1 Episode 1

Savage Sunday

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 10, 1975 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • On the DVD full version the car actually went halfway down the alley and you can see the tire come off in the shot.

    • As Starsky dives out of the green Chevy near the end, the trunk lid can clearly be seen to completely fall off the car. Seconds later it is intact and is blown off the car when the bomb explodes.

    • The white '63 Chevy is shown to have the bomb in back well before it has been painted green by thieves Wilber and Greg. However, when the bomb is shown, the steel-wheeled spare tire is clearly shown painted green. On cars back then, the steel wheels were commonly painted the same color as the car.

    • Huggy Bear is seen owning a bar, 'Huggy Bear's'. He runs it until "The Hostages" later in this season, in which he gives up the bar biz. He takes up a number of odd jobs until the third season episode "The Collector", when he opens up another establishment, 'The Pits'.

    • The price of the paint job for the car was $20 when agreed on. When it was done the bad guy said it was worth the $30.

    • When Starsky pulls out his handcuffs to cuff Wilber Sloan, a bunch of papers fall out of his back pocket (though this could be debated as intentional, as Starsky was in a hurry to cuff him).

    • The ticket man in the booth at the underground car-park seems to respond to the alert on the radio about the car he's just let in too early--he gives a surprised expression before the report has barely begun.

    • The bad-guys car is identified several times as a '1963' model car, yet when the radio is announcing what car to look out for, the announcer says it is a '1973' model, yet somehow the parking attendent spots the car and calls it in!

    • Listen out for the stock footage sound effect of screeching types and a car racing off used countless times throughout this episode; it is used several times at various points of the story, and as Starsky races the rigged car out of the car park, it is used several times in a row!

    • When the parking attendant at the garage phones the police about the car,the time clock shows 4:12. When Starsky & Hutch are notified in Captain Dobey's office of the call, Hutch says they have only 12 minutes before the car explodes (which would make it 4:48). Why did it take 40 minutes for them to be notified, especially if they are at the police station ?

    • After Starsky's car has stopped due to the tire being sabotaged, Hutch pulls the tire off the wheel - but the car only went forward a few feet, there is no way that the tire could have come loose from the wheel enough for him to remove it off with such ease.
      Furthermore, when he holds it up, it seems to be a whitewall tire, which the Torino certainly didn't have, and there's absolutely no sign of the damage supposedly done to the tire. (Plus, the tread is very worn in such a way as to show that whatever car it had been on was suffering from poor front-end alignment for a long time! Not in keeping with the characterization of Starsky's character!)

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  • Notes

    • Although not an official alternative title, occasionaly this episode's title is confused with the 1976 terrorist thriller, Black Sunday.

    • The closing credits of this episode use an edit of the season's opening theme tune, the only episode to do as such - all other episodes in the season have the season's regular closing theme.

    • Bobbie Mitchell makes her first of several appearances in the series as Diane Sills, a waitress at Huggy Bear's bar, but is uncredited on-screen for this episode as she is for several of her appearances in the series.

    • Bernie Hamilton takes over the role of Captain Harold Dobey, Starsky and Hutch's gruff but fair superior, in the first regular episode of the series. His casting as a black urban Professional has often been noted as a breakthrough for African-Americans on 70's American tv.

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