Starsky And Hutch - Season 2

ABC (ended 1979)


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  • 4/16/77

    When a Police informant is brutally beaten, witnesses point the finger at Starsky and Hutch. As the vicious assaults continue, the Detective partners are dropped increasingly deeper in hot water as they realize they are being framed. Unbeknown to them, they're being impersonated by two look-alike impostors out to get the genuine pair a bad name and Police suspension

  • Murder on Stage 17
    Episode 24
    The dare-devil Detectives work undercover as stunt-men on the set of a new Western movie, in order to investigate a series of suspicious, fatal "accidents" that has befallen several members of a long-standing group of actors known as the 'Wolf Pack', with the head of the group and star of the film fearing that he'll be next.
    As Starsky and Hutch roll with the punches and blows in their guises as stunt-men, the case leads them to uncover a bizarre story of thwarted stardom and twisted revenge...moreless
  • 3/12/77

    The dashing Detectives try to catch the deranged stalker who is hounding a successful country singer, and will only stop if she pays him $10,000. At first, the anonymous madman just issues threats via phone, but when he turns to murder, Starsky and Hutch must piece together just who the extortionist is and capture him before anyone else is killed..

  • The Velvet Jungle
    Episode 22
    An illegal immigrant witnesses the murder of a co-worker who was threatening to expose the illegal activities of crooked Immigration officials, and is forced to hide out in fear as she too is now hunted by the killer. The Detective duo step in to investigate and uncover an illegal-alien smuggling operation...moreless
  • The Committee
    Episode 21
    After the streetwise Detectives capture a rapist, they are outraged when the thug is let of with a lenient court sentence. Starsky openly vents his disgust at such light punishment - attracting the interests of a vigilante Police 'death squad', who are executing criminals that are given such lenient sentences, and see him as their next possible recruit...moreless
  • 2/19/77
    Huggy Bear has linked up with his friend, former Sheriff "Turkey" Turquet, to set up their own Private Detective Agency. Their first case sees them hired to find a woman's missing husband, and while trying to find him, they find themselves pursued by several undesirable parties who have various concerns with the elusive man in question...moreless
  • 2/12/77
    Crazed killer Prudholm returns to extract his revenge on Starsky – who he blames for the death of his son while in Police custody – by targeting Starsky's beloved girl-friend, making sure that she is shot in a supermarket heist, which leaves her with a bullet fragment lodged in her brain and facing impending death...moreless
  • Survival
    Episode 18
    After Hutch plays the key part in a successful undercover operation to nail a wanted racketeer, the captured felon hires a hit-man to prevent Hutch from testifying in court. The assassin runs him off the road and down an embankment, leaving Hutch trapped under the wreckage of his car, near death, in a desolate area, while Starsky desperately searches for his missing partner...moreless
  • The Set-Up (2)
    Episode 17
    Conclusion of this two-part story.
    The duo try to uncover the truth behind Terry Nash – the well-intentioned gun-man out to avenge the murder of his wife and who, until recently, didn't seem to even exist – but in doing so, they are framed and wind up suspended from duty and becoming fugitives. Determined to unlock the secrets about Terry and to clear their names, the twisted trail of their investigations leads to a complex operation in which innocent victims are brain-washed into murdering those that they believe to be their enemies.
    But with the investigations getting too close to home, the masterminds behind the brain-washing set-up have new murder victims in their sights - Starsky and Hutch...moreless
  • The Set-Up (1)
    The Set-Up (1)
    Episode 16
    First episode of a two-part story.
    The tough Detective partners are working incognito as truckers, in an operation to safely transport Joe Durniak – a man with Mob connections who Starsky knows from his childhood – who is promised protection and a new identity in return for giving testimony as a key state witness. But when Durniak is shot dead by a lone gunman convinced that Durniak was behind the murder of his wife, Starsky and Hutch find themselves uncovering a complex plot of bizarre deception.
    But as they investigate, they themselves come under suspicion for being involved with Durniak's murder..moreless
  • The Setup (Part I)
    Episode 16
    Terry Nash, a family man, barely survives an apparent assassination at-tempt in which he sees his wife and infant daughter killed. In the hospi-tal Nash's brother-in-law confides to him that his late wife's side of the family have been marked for gangland execution for years. Nash, whose memory about the attack is foggy, knows only two things...his wife and child are dead ...and he wants revenge. The man said to be responsible is a state's witness for a pending federal underworld investigation and he is in the protective custody of Starsky and Hutch. Nash positions himself in a hotel across the street from where the three are sequestered; he then phones multiple bomb threats into the hotel. As Starsky, Hutch and their state's witness are about to leave, another man identifying himself as an FBI agent redirects them away from their planned fire escape route out - through the building's front door.moreless
  • The Psychic
    Episode 15

    Huggy introduces the Detective duo to a friend of his, opening up a new café, who unwittingly has clairvoyant visions. Starsky is skeptical of such psychic ability, Hutch more willing to believe, but the psychic's predictions start to come true when his visions tie in to the whereabouts of a wealthy businessman's kidnapped teenage daughter, who is being held for a large ransom.

  • Bloodbath
    Episode 14

    Starsky & Hutch Season 2 Episode 14 Bloodbath Jan 01, 1977

    On the day of trial of Simon Marcus, a murderous cult leader that Starsky and Hutch arrested, Starsky is snatched away by the cult leader's followers just before judgment is passed. The vengeful followers will only release him safely if their leader is released without charge – if Simon Marcus is sentenced to prison, then Starsky is sentenced to death.
    Hutch must find his partner before he is subjected to a deadly "religious" ritual, as foreseen in the deranged leader's visions.

  • Little Girl Lost
    Episode 13

    Starsky & Hutch Season 2 Episode 13 Little Girl Lost Dec 25, 1976

    It's the Christmas season, and while Starsky is happily getting into the festivities, Hutch is far more skeptical about people's sudden goodwill over the period. Responding to a call of petty shop-lifting, the pair meet Molly, a twelve-year-old tomboy, who lives with her father, a recently released convict turned alcoholic. But when soon after the girl's father is murdered by his two former partners-in-crime, who are determined to get their hands on the stolen diamond cache he went to prison for, Hutch finds himself taking Molly in for Christmas.
    Unfortunately, with Molly being the only one who now knows the whereabouts of the diamonds, the two crooks who killed her father are now after her.


  • The crime-busting pair's suspicions are aroused when they spot highly respected Police Captain "Iron Mike" Ferguson accepting an envelope from an underworld kingpin. When Ferguson recruits the duo to aid on a stakeout, they learn that he is receiving tip-offs about various criminal activities in return for ignoring and covering for the crime kingpin's operations. It's resulting in getting a number of criminal organization's off the streets, but it means that Ferguson is ultimately a corrupt officer, and the pair are torn what to do..

  • Nightmare
    Episode 11

    A pair of rapist thieves who attack a mentally disabled19-year-old girl may go free because an ambitious district attorney thinks the victim's testimony won't stand scrutiny in open court

  • 11/27/76

    The Detective duo are on the case as criminals and public alike are endangered when Solkin, a Fagin-like felon, uses an imbalanced teenager to commit crimes – including brutal assaults and murder – for his own nefarious purposes. But when Hutch unwittingly aggravates him while investigating, Solkin goads his teenage henchman to stalk and terrorize Hutch and his girl-friend.

  • Starsky and Hutch are working undercover at a plush Hollywood dance studio, as a dance teacher and student respectively, to investigate an extortion racket operating from the club that lures members into compromising situations, and then bribes the victims for large amounts of money.
  • The Specialist
    Episode 8

    Starsky, Hutch, and two other Officers respond to an armed robbery on a jewelers, only for a woman to accidentally get shot dead from the gun-fire from one of the lawmen. The dead woman's husband is a Special Agent, paranoid after being retired from the service, and convinced that the Officers were really hit-men after him, and sets about extracting his revenge on each of the Cops involved in the death of his wife.
    With the man an expert in specialist weapons, Starsky and Hutch must stop the deranged Agent before he uses his expertise training to wipe them out.

  • The Vampire
    The Vampire
    Episode 7
    When a dancer is murdered under bizarre circumstances, with marks resembling fang bites on her neck and an unusually large quantity of blood missing from her body, Starsky and Hutch delve into the underworld of occult worshippers as they investigate what appears to be the work of a vampire...
  • Vampire
    Episode 7
    The myth that the dead can survive on the blood of the living causes a mild mannered dance teacher to murder.
  • Bust Amboy (a.k.a. Nightlight)
    The Detective pair are determined to nail the wealthy Amboy, a crafty narcotics dealer who is supplying young prostitutes, and always avoids Police arrest with legal loop-holes...
  • Bust Amboy
    Episode 6
    Starsky and Hutch zero in on narcotics, prostitution and bookmaking operations of a gangland leader in "Bust Amboy."
  • Gillian
    Episode 5

    The Detective duo investigate a killing that is latest in a string of crimes in the red-light district. Off duty, Hutch is getting serious with his new girl-friend, the classy Gillian, but as the intrepid Detectives investigate the killing, Starsky by chance finds that Hutch's new love is a prostitute, who wants out but is being forced to continue by a cunning pimp and his mother. Starsky knows that his unwitting discovery could destroy his partnership with Hutch.

  • Murder at Sea (2)
    Murder at Sea (2)
    Episode 4
    Concluding part of this feature-length / two-part story.
    The Detective duo, undercover as cruise ship entertainers Hack and Zack, find that they have stumbled onto something much bigger than dope dealers – the ship is to be the meeting place for a group of leading syndicate figures...
  • 1/1/76
    Starsky and Hutch pose as recreation officers aboard a luxury ocean liner filled with swinging singles, tourists, and an alarming collection of crime syndicate chieftains in the two-hour "Murder at Sea." The murder of a ship's officer takes on an air of intrigue when a young female travel agent for the ship, SS Amapola, is also discovered slain. Starsky and Hutch suspect a smuggling operation aboard the luxury liner and persuade a reluctant Captain LaRue to let them on board as undercover recreation staffers "Hack" and "Zack." At sea, Starsky and Hutch entertain the tourists and discover that several top bosses in the crime syndicate are aboard for a major conference.moreless
  • Murder at Sea (1)
    Murder at Sea (1)
    Episode 3
    First part of a feature-length / two-part story.
    Investigating a murder, the tough duo go undercover on luxury cruise ship The Amolola, as entertainment directors Hack and Zack, where the case leads to them uncovering drug smuggling...
  • 1/2/76
    Starsky and Hutch pose as recreation officers aboard a luxury ocean liner filled with swinging singles, tourists, and an alarming collection of crime syndicate chieftains in the two-hour "Murder at Sea." The murder of a ship's officer takes on an air of intrigue when a young female travel agent for the ship, SS Amapola, is also discovered slain. Starsky and Hutch suspect a smuggling operation aboard the luxury liner and persuade a reluctant Captain LaRue to let them on board as undercover recreation staffers "Hack" and "Zack." At sea, Starsky and Hutch entertain the tourists and discover that several top bosses in the crime syndicate are aboard for a major conference.moreless
  • 9/25/76
    Concluding part of this feature-length / two-part story. The duo close in on the serial strangler who is singling out chorus girls, but the investigation holds some unexpected, startling implications about several people linked to the case...
  • The Las Vegas Strangler (1)

    First part of a feature-length / two-part story. Starsky and Hutch are loaned to the Las Vegas Police Department to snare a serial killer that has strangled a string of chorus girls. But the pair don't realize that they've been chosen for the case on more than merit alone. The prime suspect is an old high-school friend of Hutch's. While tracking down the killer, Starsky starts seeing an attractive show-girl–who could possibly be the killer's next victim.

  • 1/2/76
    Starsky and Hutch go undercover in Las Vegas to find a killer who singles out beautiful chorus girls as his victims in "Las Vegas Strangler," a two-hour presentation on "Starsky and Hutch." On loan-out to the Las Vegas Police Department's Lt. Cameron (Paul Burke), Starsky and Hutch set out to track down a killer with an apparently special hatred for chorus line beauties. The detectives pose as sore loser hoodlums who pick a fight so they will be thrown in jail. A problem arises, however, when neither of them is able to lose at the gambling tables. Then, they discover that Cameron's key suspect is a former class-mate of Hutch. David Soul stars as Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson and Paul Michael Glaser stars as, Dave Starsky. Antonio Fargas also stars as Huggy Bear and Bernie Bernie Hamilton as Captain Dobey.moreless
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