Starsky And Hutch - Season 3

ABC (ended 1979)


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  • Deckwatch
    Episode 23
    A serial killing seaman, who preys on prostitutes, is badly shot during his latest attack. Wounded and on the run, he resorts to holding Hutch's friend and her wheelchair-bound mother hostage in their home. Hutch poses as a paramedic to get inside the house as he and Starsky try to apprehend the desperate killer and safely free the hostages...moreless
  • Quadromania
    Episode 22
    Starsky poses as a cab driver to investigate a series of strangulation murders of cabbies, performed by a man dressed in Shakespearean costume and with superhuman strength in his artificial hand.
  • Partners
    Episode 21
    Starsky's reckless driving in pursuit of two robbers lands both himself and Hutch in hospital, with Hutch seemingly suffering from amnesia, unable to remember his partner or anything about their jobs. Starsky reminds him of some of their past adventures in an attempt to revive his memory…
  • Foxy Lady
    Foxy Lady
    Episode 20
    An attractive young woman is the only eye-witness to a man being killed for the suitcase he is carrying. As Starsky and Hutch investigate, the girl goes about using her manipulative charms to not only outwit both of them, but also the mobster behind the killing, in order to keep the hot cash inside the suitcase for herself...moreless
  • Hutchinson: Murder One (a.k.a. Hutchinson for Murder One)
    Out of the blue, Hutch's estranged former wife Vanessa suddenly contacts him, attempting to rekindle their relationship. Hutch doesn't want to know, until Vanessa claims that she's ill with a cancerous tumour. But the next day, Vanessa is murdered in Hutch's apartment – and Hutch is the prime suspect. With two Internal Affairs agents investigating and seemingly convinced that Hutch is guilty, Starsky must help his partner trace the real culprits in order to clear his name...moreless
  • Class in Crime
    Class in Crime
    Episode 18
    Investigating a series of immaculately executed murders, the case leads Hutch back to school as a college student, to get the low-down on a brilliant college professor who teaches a senior student course on the "philosophy of crime" and specialises in murder...
  • Satan's Witches
    Satan's Witches
    Episode 17
    Staying in Captain Dobey's mountain cabin while on a short vacation, Starsky and Hutch are met with cold reception from the nearby townspeople, particularly the short-tempered local Sheriff. The cause of the people's fear soon becomes apparent when the pair find that they are neighbors in the woods to a coven full of Devil worshippers...moreless
  • The Trap
    The Trap
    Episode 16
    A trip to buy Starsky's expensive new watch ends in chaos as the duo try to catch a tearaway tomboy shoplifter. Soon after, they respond to a call from Huggy after some thugs smashed up his bar demanding information about Hutch – and unbeknown to any of them, the pair are being guided into a carefully laid ambush at a desolate farm, in a trap set by a ruthless criminal with an old score to settle with Hutch. Worse still, Joey, the young shoplifting girl, has stowed away in Starsky's car, and ends up trapped with the Detective duo in a barn that will soon be set ablaze...moreless
  • A Body Worth Guarding
    Starsky and Hutch are assigned to protect visiting Russian prima ballerina Anna Akhanatova, whose life is threatened by political fanatics. Although Starsky is bemused by the appeal of ballet, Hutch is excited to get to meet Akhanatova, an idol of his – although when the pair actually meet, they quickly develop a fiery relationship. But as he safe-guards the girl while Starsky is investigating who is behind the threats, Hutch and the ballerina start to fall for each other...moreless
  • The Heavyweight
    The Heavyweight
    Episode 14
    The crime-busting partners meet a one-time boxing champ, now a dockland worker, who witnessed the murder of a Policeman arranged by a dockland racketeer. But the former champ's own life is endangered after he refuses to take a fall in a boxing fight for the vicious racketeer...
  • The Action
    The Action
    Episode 13
    Starsky and Hutch set out to bust an illegal gambling ring behind the brutal beating of a friend after he failed to pay off his debts. The duo end up playing for very high stakes as they infiltrate the illegal club, run from a mobile casino in the back of an 18-wheeled truck...moreless
  • Manchild on the Streets

    When a friend of Starsky and Hutch's is wrongfully shot dead by a rookie cop after the drunk driving of the man's pal leads to a police pursuit, the pair must do their best to steer his confused teenage son away from a life of crime, as he grows intent on avenging his father's needless death and becomes involved with a small-time thief...

  • The Collector
    The Collector
    Episode 11
    A calculating criminal bumps off a loan-shark's collector and takes over the role, collecting debts for the head of the money-loaning racket – a washed-up former child star. The Detective pals investigate, only for it to turn out that the father of Hutch's girl-friend is one of the people owing money to the crooked racket, and that the vicious new collector is actually a notorious killer with an ulterior motive...moreless
  • The Plague (2)
    The Plague (2)
    Episode 10
    Conclusion of this two-part story.
    Hit-man Callendar, the carrier of the deadly plague, is still at large, and the disease has now claimed Hutch as it's latest victim. With his partner hours from death, Starsky races against time to track down Callendar to obtain an anti-toxin...
  • The Plague (1)
    The Plague (1)
    Episode 9
    First episode of a two-part story.
    Starsky and Hutch collect a colleague from the airport, but soon after the man is struck down by a deadly disease caught from a passenger on the same flight. The streetwise Detectives must spring into action to find the carrier – an international assassin planning to make a hit on a major syndicate chief – as the entire city becomes threatened with the spreading, lethal virus...moreless
  • The Heroes
    The Heroes
    Episode 8
    The streetwise cops are disgruntled when they are assigned to have a newspaper journalist accompany them for a couple of days, until they learn that the reporter is an attractive woman. As they try to trace a drug supplier who is poisoning the narcotics he pushes, the pair go all out to impress the reporter, but when she misunderstands their often unorthodox Policing methods, the woman writes a very unfavorable article about them...moreless
  • The Crying Child
    The Crying Child
    Episode 7
    A school teacher, fearing loosing her job if her concerns are unfounded, asks Starsky and Hutch to look into a suspected case of child abuse surrounding a continually bruised six-year-old boy in her class. The pair are drawn into a disturbing case of domestic violence, but they most prove their concerns if they are to save the young boy from further abuse...moreless
  • Death in a Different Place
    The intreptid Detective partners investigate when a colleague – an old friend of Starsky's – is found dead in a sleazy red-light district hotel, and are shocked to uncover that the married murdered Lieutenant was a closet homosexual with a history of gay relationships. But just who is behind his death, and why?...moreless
  • Murder Ward
    Murder Ward
    Episode 5
    The intrepid cops go undercover at a mental hospital, with Starsky as a patient and Hutch as an orderly, to investigate a number of mysterious patient deaths that have occurred at the asylum. With a female journalist, also undercover as a patient, they uncover that someone in the hospital is illegally using patients as human guinea-pigs for the testing of behaviour modification drugs...moreless
  • I Love You, Rosey Malone
    Two Senate Investigative Committee agents want Starsky to strike up romance with a beautiful young woman he met while out jogging, in order to get close to her and extract information about her syndicate figure father. But as Starsky enters the "undercover relationship", he falls blissfully in love with the girl for real – and the two agents are manipulating them both...moreless
  • Fatal Charm
    Fatal Charm
    Episode 3
    While Starsky, Hutch and Officer Linda Baylor are working on an operation to trap a wanted drug dealer, Hutch receives a minor wound, and reports to hospital, where he meets nurse Diana Harmon. After they meet later at a bar, they spend a romantic evening together. But when afterwards Hutch, concerned by her possessive ways, doesn't plan to continue with the relationship, Diana starts displaying unbalanced, obsessive behaviour that not only jeopardises the Police operation, but puts Hutch in great danger...moreless
  • Starsky & Hutch on Playboy Island (a.k.a. Murder on Voodoo Island) (2)
    Concluding this feature-length / two-part story.
    Still undercover at the lush resort of Playboy Island, Starsky and Hutch must find out who is behind the voodoo murders and why, but as they look into the strange goings-on surrounding billionaire recluse William Thorne, they find themselves battling the black magic of a powerful witch doctor...moreless
  • Starsky & Hutch on Playboy Island (a.k.a. Murder on Voodoo Island) (1)
    First half of a feature-length / two-part story.
    Tough Detectives Starsky and Hutch are assigned to go undercover on the luxurious, tropical Playboy Island to investigate the mysterious happenings connected to William Thorne, "the richest man in the world", who lives a reclusive life on the island, and who's associates are being murdered with what appears to be voodoo magic...moreless
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