Starsky And Hutch

Season 1 Episode 2

Texas Longhorn

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 17, 1975 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Starsky and Hutch arrive in the elevator on the floor with Angel's appartment, Hutch closes the wire mesh door to the elevator–but the sound of it closing (probably added in post-production) sounds far too solid for a door made of wire mesh.

    • Just as Starsky is about to use the crane to lift Harris, in the rubbish skip, up, the windshield to the crane is suddenly smashed much more than it was a few seconds previously, now broken right in front of where Starsky is sitting. Another of Harris' bullets could have maybe shattered the glass more, but there was no explanatory shot for this – and if a bullet had hit the windshield here, it would have surely hit Starsky.

    • Huggy Bear sends Starsky & Hutch to see The Angel for information. He tells them she is at 1106 Summers. Starsky & Hutch go into the Royal Apts. whose address is clearly shown as 312 then they walk into apartment # 04.

    • Starsky & Hutch are chasing Zack as he chases Harris. Starsky rolls over the hood of a car that almost hits him and falls onto the ground continuing to roll. Hutch climbs over the car and when he jumps down, Starsky is on his left and still rolling away. Camera change and Starsky is standing on Hutch's right. (This one could be exlained, as there is a close up of Hutch where Starsky is still on the ground, out of shot, where he could be rolling over to the left - if you look carefully on the next shot, where is is on the left, he is just getting up from the ground).

  • Quotes

    • Dobey: (to Starsky)Oh yeah, about this report, it reads like a comic book, 'The fiery-red Torino fishtails to a halt. We spill onto the street ready for action.'

    • Hutch: I'm beginning to think that everybody in this town is crazy except you and me.
      Starsky: Oh yeah, I was beginning to have serious doubts about you.

    • Angel: Now why should I help the police force finger a couple of hypes?
      Starsky: I don't know, maybe because they're giving heroin addicts a bad name?
      Angel: (laughing) You're cute!

    • Starsky: (to a crabby Huggy complaining about the sunlight Starsky & Hutch let in when they came through the door) Got something against daylight, Huggy? Happens every 24 hours.

  • Notes

    • Zack Tyler's gun in this episode is a long-barrel Colt Python with wooden grips. When this episode was completed, David Soul asked for and was given this gun to use as his character's gun for the remainder of the series, replacing the 6-inch Colt he had used up until then. The wooden handles were changed to a more cop-like black plastic/rubber type.

    • This is the first episode to use the regular first season closing theme over the closing credits. It would remain for the rest of the season.

    • Michael Lerner returns as Fat Rolly, previously seen in the Pilot. (Curiously, Starsky and Hutch at first refer to him as "Smelly Rolly", but revert back to calling him Fat Rolly later in the episode). Bobby Hall returns as Marty, seen in the previous episode, "Savage Sunday".

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