Starsky And Hutch

Season 2 Episode 15

The Psychic

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 1977 on ABC



  • Notes

    • The basic premise of this story was later re-worked for the third season T.J. Hooker episode "Psychic Terror" (1984). In that story, a woman with psychic abilities helps Hooker (William Shatner) locate the whereabouts of a kidnapped young girl; and the climax sees Hooker desperately running across town from pay-phone to pay-phone to receive instructions from the kidnapper, just as Hutch does in this story. A great many other popular series of the 1970's and 80's also put their own spin on the premise. For example, The Incredible Hulk's third season episode "The Psychic" (1980) involves a psychic foreseeing a murder; and in the third season Airwolf episode "Fortune Teller" (1985), a woman burdened with psychic abilities is the only key to Airwolf's crew finding the abducted Archangel (Alex Cord).