Starsky And Hutch

Season 2 Episode 16

The Set-Up (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 1977 on ABC
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The Set-Up (1)
First episode of a two-part story.
The tough Detective partners are working incognito as truckers, in an operation to safely transport Joe Durniak – a man with Mob connections who Starsky knows from his childhood – who is promised protection and a new identity in return for giving testimony as a key state witness. But when Durniak is shot dead by a lone gunman convinced that Durniak was behind the murder of his wife, Starsky and Hutch find themselves uncovering a complex plot of bizarre deception.
But as they investigate, they themselves come under suspicion for being involved with Durniak's murder..moreless

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  • The Set-Up Part 1:Not what it seems.

    This is the first two-part episode that I recall constantly from this Series.It has become my favorite eversince.I do like some of the other S&H episodes,but this episode stick out as a top favorite because of the storyline.Innocent people are being used(unknowingly) as assassins to carry out murders for an unknown organization of criminals that target individuals for assasination.The Crime Organization uses only those who have no family ties to anyone that would missed them.They would then brainwash them (using devious technechs)to convince them that targeted person was responsible for their loved ones death.Terry Nash is one of many brainwashed victims.His vision of his wifes death by two gunmen seemed real,but was all an illusion.He carries out the crime syndicates dirty work.Soon,afterward though he would contact the police,and would talk to Starsky and Hutch,and there begins the untangling of a confusing web of deceit.moreless
Paul Michael Glaser

Paul Michael Glaser

Detective Sergeant David "Dave" Michael Starsky

David Soul

David Soul

Detective Sergeant Kenneth "Ken Hutch" Hutchinson

Bernie Hamilton

Bernie Hamilton

Captain Harold C. Dobey

Antonio Fargas

Antonio Fargas

"Huggy Bear" Brown

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the final scene of this half of the story, when Dr. Stegner is showing the brain-washed Debra the pictures of Hutch, Starsky and Nash on the projector, watch as the shot pans across the room – the projector images are a matte added in post-production, and as the shot pans across, the images don't look quite right; as the shot pans to the right, the edges of the shot supposedly shown on the projector wander back and forth slightly.

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  • NOTES (3)

    • Starsky knows Durniak from childhood and Durniak mentions that Starsky's father was murdered but he never comes right out and says Starsky's dad was a cop. Though the 'fact' is assumed by many fans as canon for the show.

    • Hutch is heard to sing and whistle 'Black Bean Soup', a song written by David Soul, which he and Starsky had previously sung in the first season's 'Death Notice'.

    • Although the feature-length 'The Last Vegas Strangler' and 'Murder At Sea' (and probably the Pilot too) also exist in two-part versions, this was the first story of the series to be originally broadcast as a two-parter. It likely also exists in feature-length format.


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