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  • Season 3 Episode 16: The Trap

  • Unusually for the series, shots of Starsky and Hutch in the Torino use rear projection (i.e. film played on a screen behind the non-moving Torino in a studio), looking noticeably more 'fake' than the show's common practice of filming the car "live" on the street as it is towed by the film crew, which looks very realistic. The interior of the barn is also quite noticeably a studio set, not looking altogether realistic and not matching the exterior shots of the barn. A number of fans noticed the difference in such qualities in this episode and feel it mars enjoyment of the story somewhat.

  • Season 3 Episode 15: A Body Worth Guarding

  • When Starsky arrives at the apartment and Hutch and the dancer are asleep on the couch, Hutch buttons his shirt and partially tucks it in. In the shot in the apartment as Hutch is opening the door his shirt is buttoned correctly. When the shot switches to the hall with Starsky as the door opens Hutch's shirt is buttoned wrong. The shot switches back inside and the shirt is buttoned right again.

  • Footage mismatch: At the very beginning of the story, in the stock footage of the Torino driving along, Hutch (or more likely, Hutch's double) can clearly be seen through the passenger's window to be wearing a yellowy-brown coloured jacket; But when we see him inside the car, Hutch is wearing a black leather jacket.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: The Collector

  • When Starsky and Hutch are outside Annie's yard near the climax of the story, it's evident that the two alternating angled shots of them are edited together from two separately filmed takes – on all of the shots looking from Hutch at Starsky, there is a background whistling noise that noticeably disappears each time the shot cuts back to Hutch.

  • (Disputable) blooper: Starsky and Hutch leave Headquarters to go to Annie's, but when they arrive at Annie's, they are wearing in completely different clothes! Of course, it's possible that they might have got changed at the Station, but as they were in a hurry as to catch Cunningham / Gallagher, it's very unlikely that they would've done so.

  • Season 3 Episode 10: The Plague (2)

  • When Starsky and Hutch are chashing Callendar you can see there is no body in the car with them. When Starsky loses Callendar and the camera pans from one side the other you can see somebody sitting in the back set behind Hutch in the side mirror of the car on the left side of the screen on the bottom.

  • As with Part I, the usual 'Guest Starring' caption is missing before the guest cast billings.

  • Season 3 Episode 9: The Plague (1)

  • When the Torino is chasing Callendar's car, right as he sees the truck pulling out, you can see the Torino has a smashed back fender and side damage. This is seen before the Torino near-miss with the truck.

  • Possible blooper: When Starsky and Hutch pursue Callendar's car, the back left-side light on the Torino gets smashed. It's not quite clear exactly when this happens – the car swerves to avoid a truck pulling out, and it could be presumed to happen then. In which case, in the shot of the Torino narrowly missing the truck, the light can be seen to already be smashed before the car comes anywhere near the truck!
    However, just before the shot of the Torino just missing the truck, during the shot of Starsky turning the steering-wheel, there is a smashing sound, maybe suggesting that maybe the light was broken then.

  • On the closing credits, the usual 'Guest Starring' caption is missing before the guest cast billings. It is also missing on Part II of the story.

  • Season 3 Episode 8: The Heroes

  • Running gag: Starsky is trying to talk Hutch into jointly buying a house–-but all the properties they look at leave much to be desired.

  • Season 3 Episode 7: The Crying Child

  • The colour of Hutch's jeans changes back and fourth during several stages of this episode.
    He is mostly seen to have a dark blue pair of jeans on. But firstly, when the pair leave the school from talking to Carol and head to they Mayer's, in the shot of the Torino pulling up in the drive-way and them getting out, Hutch (or quite possibly, his double) seems to be wearing light blue jeans. When they are at the door of the house, he's back to having darker blue jeans on.
    But much more noticeably, when soon after the pair go back to the school, his jeans are suddenly a much paler blue. When they go to the truck garage to find Eddie Mayer, they're back to the darker shade once again.

  • The whole first few minutes of this episode, of the pair looking for "Uncle Elmo's Toy-shop" that Starsky remembers from his childhood, and ending up stopping an armed hold-up in a laundrette, is recycled from the second season episode 'Nightmare'.

  • Season 3 Episode 6: Death in a Different Place

  • Huggy's gig: Registering voters

  • When the Gran Torino breaks down in the middle of the street from the heat at the start of the story, there is no immediate traffic behind the car. But when the shot changes to a closer one, with Starsky and Hutch getting out, there is suddenly a queue of honking cars behind. This scene takes place on Motor Ave. in Cheviot Hills just down the road from 20th Century Fox film studios where the show is shot.

  • Season 3 Episode 5: Murder Ward

  • When reporter Jane is hiding in the orderly's office and watches orderly Switek leave, in the shots of Switek his white shoes have dark soles, yet in the close-up shot of him dropping a bottle of pills on the floor, the double for him has shoes with white soles.

  • Season 3 Episode 4: I Love You, Rosey Malone

  • Kind of a petty detail but here it is. In the final scene when Starsky start to run, when he is really kicking it into gear, you can see that his zipper is down on his fly. It is a bit distracting.

  • Small blooper: After the scene where Rosie finds out that Starsky is really a cop, there is one of the common stock footage shots, of Starsky's Gran Torino parked outside the Police Headquarters, but only Hutch is there; Starsky drove the Torino to Rosey's.

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Fatal Charm

  • After Diana has stabbed Hutch with the knife, the blade should be bloodstained or at least wet from the water of the shower. But in the next shot when the knife is seen it's dry and clean as if she had not used it before.

  • Huggy's racket: Not a racket as such, but Huggy poses as a street workman, complete with noisy jackhammer, as part of Starsky's, Hutch's, and Baylor's plan to capture the drug runner.

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