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  • Season 1 Episode 17: Silence

  • Running gag: Starsky is hungry, but–on the verge of eating an extravagant meal–continually gets called away as he's about to eat.

  • During the chase for the jewelry robber, the Gran Torino has the Mars siren light attached to the roof. In closer takes, there is no sign of the light on the roof of the car.

  • Nitpick: In one scene, just as Starsky has prepared a large snack, he and Hutch are called away; Captain Dobey does not let him take the food with him, saying that he knows it's against the rule of eating on duty. Yet the duo are seen eating on duty in 99% of the other episodes!

  • Season 1 Episode 16: Losing Streak

  • Running gag: Starsky has toothache, but refuses to go to the dentist.

  • Season 1 Episode 15: The Hostages

  • In this episode, we hear, almost in a throw-away line, that Huggy Bear has given up his restaurant business. From this point on, we usually see Huggy in a different job or racket each episode (here he is selling motorised children's dolls on the street), until mid-third season, where we see him opening new bar "The Pits" in The Collector.

  • Sub-plot (running gag through-out the episode): Starsky's interest in horoscopes.

  • Huggy's racket: Selling "Dingle Dolls" – motorised toys.

  • It is illegal for anyone, including a police officer to posses or use a silencer! So how is it that Starsky 'just happens' to be prepared with one to shoot out the tire on the armored car? [Editor note: According to the California Penal Code sec. 53a-211 part b: "(b) The provisions of this section shall not apply to persons, firms, corporations or museums licensed or otherwise permitted by federal or state law to possess, control or own sawed-off shotguns or silencers." Whether or not the provision applies to a police officer in the performance of his duty is unknown by me. If anyone has additional information, do please submit it.]

  • When Starsky and Hutch go to see 'Madam Yram' the medium, the shot of Starsky's car parked outside the house is a stock shot taken from a few episodes earlier, in Terror On The Docks.

  • Season 1 Episode 14: Shootout

  • Early on in the episode, when Joey is talking to Sammy Grovner and his assistant, you can see Hutch sipping a beer, although he does not do so until much later, after he has taken the clip out of the cash register.

  • Starsky has been wounded and he moans and groans while Hutch takes care of him. However, when he throws the jug to the wall, in order to distract the hit men, we do not hear Starsky utter at least a scream of pain.

  • When Hutch has carried the wounded Starsky out to the back room and laid him down, most of Hutch's whispered lines are noticeably re-recoded in post production – they are of noticeably different sound quality, and are barely in sync with his lips moving.

  • Season 1 Episode 13: The Deadly Impostor

  • There is a major plot flaw with this episode: It is established early on in the episode that Starsky and Hutch went through 'the academy' with John Colby and they know him well. In fact, they both recognize him immediatly and call him by name. So it is a fact that his name is in fact John Colby. He tells our heroes of the horrors of his military experience, and then explains about his ex-wife and missing son. The boys try to help thier old buddy by finding his ex-wife and kid, not realizing he is really a hit-man looking for his (supposed) ex-wife to get to her husband, Warren Karpel, a material witness in a big court case, so he can assasinate him.

    In several scenes, the ex-wife makes mention of her first husband, John Colby, who never came back from the 'war'. So this establishes that she did indeed have at one time a husband named John Colby who was in the 'war' but never returned, right?

    When 'John Colby' finally meets up with Mrs. Karpel in the parking lot, she lets it be known that she has never seen this man before in her life! Which means that he really isn't 'John Colby', right?

    So, what do we have here: Starsky and Hutch have an old friend that was 'lost' at war named John Colby. Mrs. Karpel has a past husband that was 'lost' in the SAME WAR named John Colby, but not the same John Colby that Starsky and Hutch know? If he really isn't John Colby,who is he? And why do our heroes know him as John Colby? It is all very confusing... [Editor note: Karen Karpel only refers to her first husband by his first name, 'John', without a last name. Since John's the most common first name in the English language it makes for a coincidence but not an unusual one. I've left the original trivia blurb here in case there's any future confusion.]

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Captain Dobey, You're Dead!

  • Running gag: Hutch constantly reminds Starsky of being left-handed and teases him about the "strange behavior" that accompanies this "abnormality".

  • It's the only episode in which we see Captain Dobey's entire family.

  • There are several continuity errors all through the final moments of the episode, starting just as our heroes and the Gran Torino come to the rescue of Dobey at the funeral.

    First, the car is clearly shown 'racing' down the street behind the uniformed cops, but there is no sound effects to support this. The very next shot shows it racing towards the action, having not yet arrived where it just was a second before!

    Next, as the Gran Torino is chasing the hearse down the street, it is to the driver's side of the hearse. Hutch is shooting at it with his arm out the car's passenger window, and somehow manges to shoot out the rear tire on the hearse, but on the passenger's side of the hearse! [Editor note: The Gran Torino was behind the hearse when the tire was shot.]

    Finally, when the hearse and the car come to a halt, our heroes jump out of the Gran Torino and have a little shootout with Leo Moon. All of the long shots show the car from the rear parked at a severe angle to the curb, and the grass median strip that Starsky and Hutch are standing on is about 6 or 8 feet wide. However, when they show the boys and the car from the front, or in close-up , the car is now parked square to the curb, and quite a bit closer than in the previous shots.Also, the median strip in these shots is clearly about 2 feet wide.
    It is fairly obvious that the 'second unit' stunt team filmed thier scenes at a completely different location than the 'first unit' team with the stars, and tried thier best to edit the mismatched footage together.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Lady Blue

  • This is the first episode in which we see Hutch using an old-fashioned pocket watch instead of an ordinary watch. He will do so again in "Captain Dobey, You´re Dead", "Shootout" (where it is most prominent), and a last time in "The Omaha Tiger".

  • Season 1 Episode 9: The Bait

  • The license number of the car Starsky and Hutch drive throughout the episode while being undercover is the same as the one of the bad guy´s car in "The Fix", (JNJ 322).

  • The 'Rafferty and O'Brien busted in the stationhouse' scene is part of the 2nd season opening credits.

  • The set for the interior of the apartment block seen in this episode, is the same one as used previously in 'Texas Longhorn'. They even enter the same apartment, which was previously seen to be inhabited by drug-addicted Angel.

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