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  • Season 1 Episode 8: Kill Huggy Bear

  • This is the first episode where we see Hutch driving Starsky's Ford Gran Torino. Also, Starsky comments that the car is painted "candy apple red".

  • When the red Gran Torino is running without brakes, we see that Hutch attaches the Mars "bubblegum" siren light to the roof of the car. In some takes we see the car dodging other cars on the street with this siren light on. But when we see closer takes (front take of Starsky and Hutch inside the car, trying to save their lives) we do not see any sign of the Mars light on the roof of the Gran Torino.

  • Huggy says that his bar closes at 2 a.m., yet the sign outside reads 'Open All Night'. [Editor note: Many municipalities in the US have laws that state alcohol can't be served after 2 a.m. local time, though the establishment can stay open as long as it wants.]

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Pariah

  • The 'Starsky running down the alley' scene is used in the 1st season opening credits.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Death Notice

  • In the scene at the meat factory, a number of the actors lines are looped (re-recorded in post production), probably because the background noise of the factory in the the original recording was too loud.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Fix

  • When Starsky talks on the police radio in his Torino, the handset is a black telephone-style microphone. In most episodes, it is a white, regular-style police radio microphone. (This is most probably down to the several models of the Torino used for filming).

  • As Starsky is rescuing Hutch in the alley, he has a shootout with Monk, who puts two bullets through the Torino's windshield, and shatters the passenger side window glass with another shot.
    Immediatly following this scene, Starsky and Hutch are seen arriving at Ben Forrest's home, obviously having come directly there from the shootout in the alley. Somehow, the windshield on the Torino has repaired itself, and the passenger door has 'grown' a brand new side glass!

  • When Hutch shows up to meet Mickey at the bar, he enters through the front door off the street. When Forest's thug drags him out, they go out the same door Hutch just entered by, but in the next shot they are coming out the back door onto an alley.

  • When they grab Hutch, his jacket is thrown on the bed in a heap and his belt is on top of it. Later, when Starsky goes looking for him, the jacket is neatly laid out and the belt along side.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Snowstorm

  • Hutch refers to Starsky's red-and-white Gran Torino as the "striped tomato" for the first time in this episode. A nick-name that often comes to be associated with the vehicle, especially by fans

  • During the shoot-out with the bad-guys at the beginning of this episode, a shot is fired at Starsky, with the rear of the Gran Torino directly behind him. As Starsky dives out of the bullet's trajectory, it should have squarly hit the Torino, but there was no 'bullet hit' or other mark on the car.

  • There is a shot of Starsky and Hutch on their way to Huggy's, then a shot of Huggy's which has no cars in front. The next shot is Starsky and Hutch pulling up to Huggy's and parking behind a car. This is probably because the first shot of Huggy's is stock footage.

  • As Burke, Corman and Kalowitz in thier brown Torino force Hutch's Galaxie 500 to the side of the road, the two cars stop with the front doors only inches away from each other, making it impossible to open either of the opposing doors.
    In a very quick edit, the cars are now several feet apart from each other, making it possible for the antagonists and our heroes to exit thier vehicles and confront each other.

  • At the bust, the bad guys are being handcuffed, Hutch answers a question from Kalowitz as he holds his prisoner. He then grabs Starsky's handcuffed prisoner and begins to walk away. In the next shot, Starsky is still cuffing his prisoner and he is no where near Hutch. He then shoves his prisoner over to Hutch.

  • When Starsky and Hutch are racing along in Hutch's car to see Crandall and they are pulled over by Detectives Burke, Corman and Kalowitz, there is a shot of the cars that is noticeably speeded up, making it look like something out of a comedy film!

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Death Ride

  • Starsky and Hutch can be send at the end in Huggy's place playing pong on a sit down cocktail table.  Very popular video game at the time.

  • When the Torino first leaves the parking area with Mello's limo following, it is clear that the rear tires on the Torino are of a dramatically different size than shown moments later during the shootout with the motorcycle killers.

  • When Starsky & Hutch are escorting Mello's limousine, it is ambushed by two killers on a motorcycle. Two bullet holes are fired through the Torino's windshield, and immediately vanish in the next shot.

  • There are clearly two different cabs used in the production of this episode. At times it has a brown interior, and other times it is clearly a black interior!

  • Nit-pick: The car that follows the taxi as Starsky, Hutch and Joanne leave Joanne's appeartment, appears to be the same car, that was the car rigged with explosives two episodes previously, in 'Savage Sunday'. It's the same model, and even painted the same shade of green.

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