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  • Season 1 Episode 3: Death Ride

  • You have to look real close for this one: In the shoot-out in the cornfield, Starsky's gun is empty (the slide stays open indicating that there are no more rounds in the gun) but he keeps shooting. It happens again when he is trying to get George out of the cab.

  • When Starsky, Hutch, Joanne and George the taxi driver are driving along, before the shoot-out at the corn-field, watch Hutch's position in the car. In the shots of all four of them, he is seen to be sitting directly behind Starsky, who is sitting in the front passenger seat. Yet in the close-up shots of him, the arc on the back window suggests that he is sitting in the centre of the back seat, and in the close-up shots of Starsky in the passenger seat, there are no visible signs of Hutch sitting behind him.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Texas Longhorn

  • When Starsky and Hutch arrive in the elevator on the floor with Angel's appartment, Hutch closes the wire mesh door to the elevator–but the sound of it closing (probably added in post-production) sounds far too solid for a door made of wire mesh.

  • Just as Starsky is about to use the crane to lift Harris, in the rubbish skip, up, the windshield to the crane is suddenly smashed much more than it was a few seconds previously, now broken right in front of where Starsky is sitting. Another of Harris' bullets could have maybe shattered the glass more, but there was no explanatory shot for this – and if a bullet had hit the windshield here, it would have surely hit Starsky.

  • Huggy Bear sends Starsky & Hutch to see The Angel for information. He tells them she is at 1106 Summers. Starsky & Hutch go into the Royal Apts. whose address is clearly shown as 312 then they walk into apartment # 04.

  • Starsky & Hutch are chasing Zack as he chases Harris. Starsky rolls over the hood of a car that almost hits him and falls onto the ground continuing to roll. Hutch climbs over the car and when he jumps down, Starsky is on his left and still rolling away. Camera change and Starsky is standing on Hutch's right. (This one could be exlained, as there is a close up of Hutch where Starsky is still on the ground, out of shot, where he could be rolling over to the left - if you look carefully on the next shot, where is is on the left, he is just getting up from the ground).

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Savage Sunday

  • On the DVD full version the car actually went halfway down the alley and you can see the tire come off in the shot.

  • As Starsky dives out of the green Chevy near the end, the trunk lid can clearly be seen to completely fall off the car. Seconds later it is intact and is blown off the car when the bomb explodes.

  • The white '63 Chevy is shown to have the bomb in back well before it has been painted green by thieves Wilber and Greg. However, when the bomb is shown, the steel-wheeled spare tire is clearly shown painted green. On cars back then, the steel wheels were commonly painted the same color as the car.

  • Huggy Bear is seen owning a bar, 'Huggy Bear's'. He runs it until "The Hostages" later in this season, in which he gives up the bar biz. He takes up a number of odd jobs until the third season episode "The Collector", when he opens up another establishment, 'The Pits'.

  • The price of the paint job for the car was $20 when agreed on. When it was done the bad guy said it was worth the $30.

  • When Starsky pulls out his handcuffs to cuff Wilber Sloan, a bunch of papers fall out of his back pocket (though this could be debated as intentional, as Starsky was in a hurry to cuff him).

  • The ticket man in the booth at the underground car-park seems to respond to the alert on the radio about the car he's just let in too early--he gives a surprised expression before the report has barely begun.

  • The bad-guys car is identified several times as a '1963' model car, yet when the radio is announcing what car to look out for, the announcer says it is a '1973' model, yet somehow the parking attendent spots the car and calls it in!

  • Listen out for the stock footage sound effect of screeching types and a car racing off used countless times throughout this episode; it is used several times at various points of the story, and as Starsky races the rigged car out of the car park, it is used several times in a row!

  • When the parking attendant at the garage phones the police about the car,the time clock shows 4:12. When Starsky & Hutch are notified in Captain Dobey's office of the call, Hutch says they have only 12 minutes before the car explodes (which would make it 4:48). Why did it take 40 minutes for them to be notified, especially if they are at the police station ?

  • After Starsky's car has stopped due to the tire being sabotaged, Hutch pulls the tire off the wheel - but the car only went forward a few feet, there is no way that the tire could have come loose from the wheel enough for him to remove it off with such ease.
    Furthermore, when he holds it up, it seems to be a whitewall tire, which the Torino certainly didn't have, and there's absolutely no sign of the damage supposedly done to the tire. (Plus, the tread is very worn in such a way as to show that whatever car it had been on was suffering from poor front-end alignment for a long time! Not in keeping with the characterization of Starsky's character!)

  • Season 1 Starsky and Hutch

  • In one scene Hutch reveals that his ex-wife was called Nancy when he says to Starsky, "It's like when I was married. Nancy and I'd go out and we'd leave the house." Yet in the season 3 episode "Hutchinson: Murder One", which features his ex-wife, she is called Vanessa.

  • In the scene where Starsky and Hutch are following Henderson to the two hitmen, Starsky pounds at the door to announce his present, causing Cannell to shoot twice at the door, leaving a big hole in the wood. But the damage is only seen in the shots from the outside, in the shots from the inside the door is whole and undamaged!

  • The series-long running gag of "I'm Hutch, he's Starsky" starts in this episode when the assistant D.A. can't tell the two apart. This gag will go through many variations over all four seasons.

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