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STARStreet which is the show based around Ashley, Becky, Sam, Sandi and Thaila, has now finished its first run of the second series. Its based around a crazy house which could not really exist in real life. There is an ALLStars track in every episode. The show is based on a band that evolved from the first series.

As the first series aired so well a second was made, even more crazier than the first. ALLStars are at the moment thinking of doing a third series of STARStreet. The ALLStars themselves are in doubt whether it will happen though because they have recently been dropped from their record company - Island. After recording new material with a new record company though, the ALLStars hope to film the third series of STARStreet this Fall/Autumn.

We will be keeping you posted on ALLStars and STARStreet news and information.



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