Starting Over

Season 3 Episode 123

A House United

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Mar 31, 2006 on

Episode Recap

The house is full of nervous energy at the board of review. Kelly is called up to the podium first. She takes her place, and the questions begin. As usual, she is asked to explain what she is working on, the changes made, and the grade that she feels she deserves. A tearful Kelly pleads her case, saying that she is truly opening up. She is allowing others into her life, and allowing touch, as well as intimate feelings in as well. She gives herself a "B" grade, and the life coaches agree.

Next up is Lisa. The same format occurs, and Lisa stands in her light. She runs down all of the chances she has taken, citing that she jumped into a swimming pool. She has always been terrified of water, and does not know how to swim. The grade that sshe gives herself is an "A". The coaches agree, and she receives the grade.

The ladies are then asked a group question, is the house united? They all answer "yes". Most of them go on to say that if the question were asked yesterday, the answer wouldve been different. Today, they all feel as if they are a family, united as well as supportive of one another. Rhonda and Iyanla tell them that there will be a test, to determine if that is true. The board of review is dismissed

Cassie is told at the morning meeting, that she will be once again leaving the house. Her journey is over, and she is ready to start her "Errand Angel" business. A fellow business owner comes to discuss her business with Cassie. Cassie gets a few ideas, and is very excited to get going on her venture. Andy Paige shows up, to give her a mini makeover, and "glam" her up for her farewell party that evening.

Kelly is given a pair of running shoes, and told to find her pot of gold. She is constantly running from place to place, never getting through to her "prizes". After she makes it all around the yard, and removes the clutter from the stairs, Christie presents her with a pair fo "ruby slippers" . Rhonda tells her that she has had the ability to find home all along, like "Dorothy" from "Wizard Of Oz" fame.

Iyanla gathers the women, and takes them out to the yard, to test their union. There is an "electric fence" made, and the ladies need to help one another get through without shocking themselves. If one fails, they all fail. The women had 5 minutes to strategize, and 60 minutes to get through.

Jodi and Kelly were battling silently for control, and Lisa was just following the flow. Each time they attempted to follow through, they "touched" the sides. All of their issues were written on colored paper, surrounding the entrance. Time ran out, and the ladies were frustrated and worn out. Iyanla brings them over to a table to discuss what went wrong. Jodi was called out on her overbearing bossiness, as was Kelly. Lisa was told to quit being so compliant in life, when she should be a participant. They were given the opportunity to retry, this time with help from Iyanl;a. They finished on the first try, and in under 5 minutes. Iyanla laughed, as she told them that she never said that she wouldnt help them.

The long, action packed day ends with a party with Cassie. She is presented with a check to cover three months worth of rent so she could comfortably start her business. She is elated. Finally, to wrap up the festivities, two women show up with drums,and other musical instruments. Rhonda intoduces them to the group, one is a co star on "Friends". She played Janice, the ex girlfried of Chandler. She is also a poet and songwriter that holds workshops for women. They sing Cassie a song, and the ladies join in, and play the instruments. Cassie jumps up and begins to dance, elated.

After the party, the ladies bid a fond farewell to Cassie, who had just come back to the house for a "touch up".

The ladies are now anticipating the arrival of th new housemate.

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