Starting Over

Season 3 Episode 54

Building the Future

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Dec 01, 2005 on

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  • The ladies of the house are helping "Habitat for Humanity" by building a house for a family in need.

    The ladies show up to continue working on the house for "Habitat for Humanity". T.J is hard-working, and remains focused on the finish line, while the others have gone in different directions. Construction workers have joined the ladies, to speed up the process, and add more muscle, and this pleases Lisa & christina. Lisa is a lot more obvious in her pleasure though. She is tying her shirt up around her waist, and leaning against the fence, gabbibg away to her crush, as the other women are sweating, and toiling away. Finally, they speak up, and she is jolted into reality for a second. Lisa still does not realize how very desparate she looks. Allison isnt feeling well, but she continues to lend a hand. Its an episode about teamwork, and unselfishness, the women are giving all their hard work and effort for a needy family. The roles in the house are just taken out in the street. T.J talks to the other house members about Allison, and her wine consumption. She fears that it may be a problem, not just a relaxing way to end the day. Allison does not appreciate the concern, and sharply tells T.J to never mind her drinking, she is fine. It is quite clear that Allison will not be giving up her wine. This episode ties together a few that seemed loose.