Starting Over

Season 3 Episode 106

Couple's Reunion (Pt. 1)

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Mar 07, 2006 on

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  • The former \\\"couples\\\" on Starting Over re-unite to discuss their lives since the show, and go through a \\\"bootcamp\\\" revival.

    Since all of my submissions are being used, with only two paragraphs added by someone else, I will only write the reviews now. That is wrong, I wrote all the recaps, and someone adds ten lines, calls it \\\"theirs\\\". BRAVO.
    My review of todays show is that it was great. Great to see these people whose lives I have grown to wonder about.
    Cheryl & Troy, still working on their struggling 20 year marriage, show up for the \\\"bootcamp\\\" at a beautiful vineyard. Their goal was to mens a broken marriage. She has a very bad temper, and he has a problem with hiding the truth. They give it a try today thouhg, as the reunion begins.
    Jacyln & Michael join the group as well. But not together. They took Iyanla\\\'s advice, and are on a 90 day \\\"break\\\" since the show. They have seen each other, but not \\\"seen\\\" each other. Jacyln arrives before Michael, and is stressed out, he is taking awhile to arrive. Is he going to show? She wonders, as she watches the door.
    He does, and they hug lovingly for a long time, a genuine warm hello.
    Kacie & Simon, a young couple who have different cultural beliefs, that are straining the way they are taising their four year old. As well as the way they are a couple. Simon is a Pakistani, who was raised with the belief that a wife is to be submissive, and modest in dress. She should take care of the family, and have no career. Oops!!, Kacie is a modern, trendy dressing career woman. A very outspoken, strong female character, w/a mind of her own. Therefore the marriage needs some common ground.
    Jennifer & Lou, are the last couple I will fill you in on. Lou, is a easygoing hairdresser. Jennifer is the \\\"anti\\\"lou. Very high strung, and controlling. Jennifer wears the pants in this family of ten years. They share a child as well. They have constant fights over money issues. Goal for them: loving through change.
    All that said, these couples show up at a beautiful vineyard, and start their reunion. After all the hugs, and \\\"I miss you\\\". \\\"you look greats\\\", begins.
    Rhonda and Iyanla divide the groups of men and women, and they go through and discuss the issues at hand. Thats where we discover that all is still not well in many hearts. The couples are set to a task, where they need to find five items to make wine with. Watching them struggle, or not, shows a lot about what\\\'s going on. I thought this was a great exercise, and eyes are once again opened.
    I will definately stay tuned for tomorrows part two, and see what will play out. I am so glad that the Starting Over crew is giving us this update!