Starting Over

Season 3 Episode 97

Defining Moments

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Feb 17, 2006 on

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  • This reality show focuses on women that want to make changes in their lives. To do this they go stay at the "starting Over" House together and endure therapy together. This episode centers on "defining Moments".

    This episode was great. The assignment the ladies received at the beginning of the day, to fix their hair 80s style, bonded them for the day right off. They laughed, talked about memories, and all helped each other with styling their different dos. All, but Kim, who chose to isolate, which showed a lot about the dynamic of the group. No longer is it "old" house members vs "new" arrivals, just a group of ladies, forging friendships, if open to them. During the morning chat with Rhonda, the reason for the styles was revealed, to set the mood. Going around the group, each women shared a story about jr. high, that they felt was a turnung point in how they felt about themselves, a "defining moment". The lesson being taught, through personal experience, not just a lecture. This drives the point home much easier, the women took events that stuck out in their minds, and placed the signifigance on them. So, not to see them as random occurances anymore, but life changing moments. A ceremony was held that evening, to rid themselves of those memories that were harmful. Each women cast an item that represented that time, and watched it burn, closing the chapter on that moment. Nicely done, and point taken.
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