Starting Over

Season 3 Episode 102

Discovering Affection

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Feb 27, 2006 on

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  • Tensions run high in the house today.

    All the bickering and anger that is going through the house is heavy. The women arent really mad with each other, but it is easier to take out their anger this way, instead of dealing with a deeper issue. Kelly learned today that affection between A parent and a child, is innocent. Her views of affection had been tainted be the accustion fro a family member, that she was trying to seduce her father. From then on, she felt disgusted, and afraid to be close with any one, even her family. Jodi and Kelly are going at each other, and Kelly is extremly angry with Jodis "smug" attitude about the arguement. Lisa is trying her best to talk Kelly into a better frame of mind. Jodi discusses her fight with Dr. Stan, while Kelly turns to Rhonda for advice. Rhondas advice was to thank Jodi for teaching her a lessom on feelings, and to have Jodi focus on her own problems. Kim is making major changes, she wants to care about her mother, but their is too much rage that needs to vent. Kim wants hard core answers, not surface excuses as to why she was abandoned. Kelly doesnt really care to press the issue with her mother at this point. She is blaming Kim getting on her nerves, as the reason for her resistance. Jill is so close to graduating, just a few more little tasks, not even steps, and she will be a whole new Jill. She is radiant these days, genuinely happy, a complete opposite from the Jill of yesterday. She is trying to deal with the silence from her father at this point. Her date with George went fine, yet, she felt he was a little older than shed like to see. This episode was good.
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