Starting Over

Season 3 Episode 124

Eligible for Graduation?

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Apr 03, 2006 on

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  • A reality series that features women living together under one roof. They focus on changing their lives, and "Starting Over".

    There is a person approaching the door, and all the ladies gather around. "It's LISA!!" They all yell in delight, as she is bombarded with hugs. Lisa is "Starting Over's" problem child. She was asked to leave the house, to either complete her goals,and graduate, or stay gone. Lisa left, unsure that she would be returning to graduate.
    Over the weeks, the housemates grew increasingly concerned, with no word from Lisa. Jill, being named her "accountability partner" was especially upset. Messages were left, E-mails went unopened, and no word from Lisa.
    Finally, towards the end of her 30 day suspension, she surfaced. Explaining that she just wanted to have news to share when she contacted everyone. She had successfully gained employment. Although the position that she accepted was not pristine, it was an opening at her favorite store. Lisa weighed her other job offers, and decided to take the job that would make her the happiest. Choosing her happiness over her ego was a huge step in the right direction.
    After hearing on the telephone that all was good in Lisa's world, Rhonda planned on checking it out for herself. She hoppped on a plane, and headed to her apartment in Miami, Florida. Rhonda covered the peep hole as she knocked on the door. Lisa just happened to be having her very first dinner party that evening, and invited Rhonda in.
    After a tour of the apartment, and a discussion with her friends over a dinner that she prepared all on her own, Rhonda gets ready to leave.
    She tells Lisa that on the outside, it appears that she has pulled her life together nicely. As she leaves, she informs Lisa that the next step is a meeting with her parents the following day. Lisa agrees to participate, and they say goodnight.
    All of that brings us to today, Lisa's graduation day. Miss Andy Paige is of course invited, to perform her makeover magic. She transforms Lisa into an adult woman on the outside, to compliment the changes within.
    Graduation night brought some old faces back to the house to cheer Lisa on. Jessica, Jill, and TJ join the house for the evenings festivities. After kind words of praise and future encouragement, Lisa is handed her "Starting Over" trophy, and a certificate for a brand new dining room set.
    This was a pivotal episode, because it finally closes the book on the third season ladies successes. The bond that these women have formed is genuine, and like no other.