Starting Over

Season 4 Episode 1


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  • Starting Over " Contribute"

    Starting over was a show most people were able to relate compare to what's on reality today. It gave tools to life problems. It helped people with deep rooted problem. It was a process to work your way to the core of the problem as well as help with the healing process. This is a show that was definitely needed.

    Some of the work I applied to my life for example; the forgiveness of others so I can move on with my life. Not being a people pleaser but yet knowing, I am just as important as the next person. My issues and concerns are just as important.

    I do missed the show and hope everyone in the pass shows are doing great. I would love to see how they are doing today.
  • Started Over

    This show, Starting Over, came at a time when I most needed it. It helped me to start over when I didn't know how to! I had been depressed for several years and was trying to learn how to forgive and love myself again. I hated me and this show helped me to turn that around and dig myself up out the hole I was living in. To this day I still have the notebook of my journey and what I took from this show, how I used the great wisdom, guidance, and coaching from all the coaches, and of the impressions I received from the experiences of the others from the show. This show helped save my life! Iyanla Vanzant's coaching is priceless!