Starting Over

Season 3 Episode 105

Jill's Exicting Day

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Mar 02, 2006 on

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  • Jill reaches her graduation day, and celebrates with friends.

    Jill reaches the end of the road today, in the \"Starting Over\" realm. She had a complete new look, provided by a celebrity stylist, instead of the usual stylings of Andy Paige. Her look is much softer, lighter, and happier in general. Former housemates T.J, Jessica, and \"Mr. Ozzie\" are the out of house guests there to help \"Ms. Jill\" celebrate.
    Iyanla, Jills \"life Coach\", set the tone for the evening, recalling memories, ups & downs, highs and lows. She held Jills hand from day one, never letting go, even for a second. They set out on a journey of self discovery together, and Jill was open and receptive all the way. The look in Iyanlas eyes, as she spoke to and about Jill was pure pride.
    The rest of the ceremony was full of tears, happiness, and memories. The love that these ladies share is genuine. It is formed from exposing themselves, and leaning on one another for support, and friendship as they peel away the layers of self recovery. There is no doubt that the friendships formed here run deep, and life long.
    Watching Jill walk out of the house with her head held high,was an award. Being a spectator in her process was a gift that I am glad she decided to share with viewers. I enjoy watching the day to day lives of these women, but the best days are when we get to say goodbye.