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  • I've got to have my daily fix. Wow I want to be in the starting over house.

    I think this is the most informative tv show, while still being fun and enjoyable to watch. I learn something almost daily that I can apply to my own life. The story of Alli really inspired me as we are going through similar but different situations. Although I think I should be in the starting over house; that would give them a really big challenge, but I think they could handle it. Some how they always know the right things to do.
  • Why isn\\\'t \\\"Starting Over\\\" on here in Florida? It\\\'s ones of my favorite shows!! What\\\'s going on? NBC has Martha Stewart, then a \\\"news show\\\" afterwords, in Starting Over\\\'s spot.

    Why isn\\\'t \\\"Starting Over\\\" on here in Florida?
    It\\\'s ones of my favorite shows!! What\\\'s going on? NBC has Martha Stewart, then a \\\"news show\\\"
    afterwords, in Starting Over\\\'s spot.

    This is such an interesting show with lessons
    I\\\'ve learned from and used for inspiration in my
    own life. NBC Please Bring it BACK!!!
  • Simply...this show changed my life.

    Simply...this show changed my life. I cannot think of any other tv show in my life that I can say that about. I have been watching it from the start. Most days I have to set the recorder and watch it when I get home. After two years of this show, I can say I know happiness. The show is a true inspiration. I recommend everyone to watch it even if you do not think you have a problem. I tell people about it all the time.
  • This show is perhaps the best show on television !

    This show has got to be the best show on television because it depicts REALIFE issues we have every single day. Not made-up or faked...keep it going for years to come!I have DVR on my tv and to make sure I do not miss even one single show, I have this show taped on both tv\'s.
  • This show is a influential and a trendsetter, one of my personal favourites.

    I watch this show every morning at ten am. We still get it here in Canada at that time. New episodes starting this month. They are going to have couples on for the first group.
    This show is very influential, and helpful. Fans can empathize and relate to the people on the who have the same problems. They can learn how to get help from the life coaches and Dr. Stan J. Katz. I find the life coaches very interesting and informative, Rhonda and Iyanla are very knowledgeable.

    I have a few personal favourites who have been on in the past: Kim, Josie, Towanda, Tess, Allison, Bethaney, Denise, Sommer and Cassie. Denise was very funny to watch. I don't mean to laugh at her, she tried to be funny and sarcastic, it was good to watch. Good Luck to them all!
  • i love this show I uses to watch it every day but now i can seam to find it on T.V. any more I really need to watch my favorite show.I love this show!!! And I love the people that are on it. It ia the beest reality T.V. show

    I love this show I watched it every day. It was so real and I could relate to some of the poeple and that just made me want to watch it more and more. I would still watch it every day if I could find it on T.V. But i have not had any luck on finding it witch makes me very sad. :-(
  • Taking some angles from the Real World, and Dr. Phil. A couple of troubled women live in the same house, all counseled by professional therapy trying to rebuild their lives.

    This show is not just for women, people, I have
    to say, everyone can learn something from this
    show both men and women. This show is that
    good. It's not played out cheaply for ratings
    like the Real World or other poor reality
    shows. The issues are handled with sensitivity
    and real love.

    Ive been a viewer of the show now for a while
    and the current season in Los Angeles (my hometown) is quite entertaining and informative.

    Jennifer is the beautiful young woman whose
    dad is in prison. Kim is the other pretty
    lady trying to mend her relationship with her
    sister. Summer is a very emotional lady
    also trying to mend her life.

    All I can say is that this is an excellent
  • Starting Over is about women (and reportedly men) who need help facing the issues and problems in their lives.

    I absolutely love this show! Especially season 2 because I can see in little bit of myself in all the women. I like the fact that Rhonda and Iyanla do not let the women get away with anything and they are forced to do things outside of their comfort zone to get them where they need to be. I have a lot of issues in my life and I am seriously considering trying to get on the show. This show is real and I can relate to all the women. It doesn\'t make them crazy, it just makes the admirable for going out and trying to heal their issues.
  • This show is the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel. Thank you for helping me start getting my life in order by watching this show.

    I saw advertisements for the second season of this show and watch it religiously. I was lucky enough to find the first season and think it is okay also. I like the idea of a psychologist dealing with the problems as well as the life coaches. Iyanla is the greatest. She is tough but so loving also. This show has shown me some patterns in my own life and what to do about them. I can not thank you enough for sharing this with women and making us think about how we act and react to certain things in our life.
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