Starting Over

(ended 2006)


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  • The first season was definitely the BEST

    I can't remember any of the names off-hand, but the young girl who moved in with the baby on the first season was the culmination of the best season this show has ever had.

    Rhonda Britten annoys me to no end- and that never changed. Dr Stan was cool as well as Iyanla, because she pushes people to be REAL, but Rhonda the ring leader- she just doesn't really appear to be helpful.

    I appreciate the premise of this show, offering women, and some couples and men, in crisis help to a better life. That's a rare and honorable thing in reality.

    But, when you have a hit on your hands, please- don't change the formula. NO new house, NO new city, NO replaced therapists . . .just keep is simple.

    oh, yea, her name was Josie. Wow-she had issues.