Starting Over

(ended 2006)


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  • SO helped me in so many ways. Being a single mother, it gave me strength to know that I could do it, no matter what. I hate to see the show end and I truly hope that someone out there hears our cries and brings it back.

    SO was honestly the best show around. I don't know how I'm going to start my mornings now. Please won't someone hear us and bring it back!!??The coaches helped so many women in various areas. Not to mention the men and women they helped out in Tv land. I genuinely hope that all that work wasn't in vein. It would be a terrible thing to let all that hard work go to waste knowing there are so many other women out there that could benefit from such a wonderful experience. I personally drew such strength from the show and the coaches. I found that I could really understand and feel what the women were going through. There was a little bit of all of them in us. Please bring it back.