Starting Over - Season 2

(ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • May 9th
    May 9th
    Episode 511
  • Permanent Changes
    Permanent Changes
    Episode 166
    It's the second part of the double graduation, and Megg graduates. Iyanla tells Allison that she's graduating and invites her to the next Starting Over house. Iyanla arranged a day of surprises and Andy Paige comes for Allison's makeover. All the housemates leave the house.
  • Bright Future
    Bright Future
    Episode 165
    Vanessa's graduating and Karen leaves the house in an unpleasant way, she's going through rehab from drugs and alcohol. Megg doesn't feel ready to graduate. It's a day of changes in the house and Andy Paige comes for Megg's makeover.
  • Intervention
    Episode 164
    Vanessa's graduation has been postponed as a result of Karen's situation. Andy Paige comes for Vanessa's makeover. Dr. Stan and Megg take a short flight to overcome Megg's phobia. The coaches call an emergency meeting to address the problem with Karen.
  • Karen Takes a Fall
    Karen Takes a Fall
    Episode 163
    The ladies leave Vagas and return to the house. Vanessa talks with Dr. stan about her plans for the future. The housemates suspect that Karen has taken drugs and Layne, the mentor, takes care of her by calling the paramedics.
  • Vanessa's Performance
    Vanessa's Performance
    Episode 162
    Layne graduates and stays in the house as a mentor. Allison hosts an event to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Vanessa performs in a Vegas show and her parents surprise her by attending, afterwards Rhonda announces that she's graduating.
  • Loving Yourself
    Loving Yourself
    Episode 161
    The life coaches decide that Tess should leave. As part of her graduation Layne's getting married to herself. Vanessa's auditioning for a Vegas show. Iyanla talks with Megg about her sexuality and its connection to her phobias.
  • Vanessa Audition
    Vanessa Audition
    Episode 160
    Vegas week keeps heating up and the tension between Tess and the ladies is about to explode. The ladies go to the casino and learn that the way they gamble is similar to the way they live. In the board of review Layne learns she's graduating but will continue to stay in the house and become a mentor, Tess is forced to make her case but she may be asked to leave.moreless
  • Going to the Chapel
    Going to the Chapel
    Episode 159
    Tess is having a meltdown. Layne gets married and spends her honeymoon day with her "husband". Iyanla suspects that Megg's fear of elevators covers up a deeper emotion. In group session the ladies express their biggest wishes.
  • Road Trip
    Road Trip
    Episode 158
    The road trip gets ugly since Tess starts making demands and it can be the final straw for her housemates. The ladies go to Las Vegas where there are obstacles for each of them.
  • Tess' Secret Ambition
    Tess' Secret Ambition
    Episode 157
    Today is a day of twists and surprises in the house. Dr. Stan helps Megg to think differently in stressful events and the discuss her fear of planes. Allison meets a reconstruction plastic surgeon to talk about her options. Karen has problems with her daughter who doesn't want to participate in the process. The ladies go to a surprise road trip for 5 days, and they still don't know where to.moreless
  • Sexual Abuse Special
    Sexual Abuse Special
    Episode 156

    A special about sexual abuse. The current housemates discuss sexual abuse with Dr. Stan, Rhonda and Iyanla.

    After their session ends, former housemates Rain, from season 1, and Cassie, from season 2, discuss their childhood sexual abuse.
    Rain opened up for the first time. She was not ready to discuss this during season 1 or during another season 2 special she had previously apppeared on.

  • Mr. Right
    Mr. Right
    Episode 155
    The topic in group session is soul mates. There's a high chance that Allison will have another cancer and she's dealing with these news. Rhonda send Layne to a blind date with a guy she won't like, Layne's assignment is to fall in love with him. Tess and her husband each write a contract that will establish the trust between them.moreless
  • Test Results
    Test Results
    Episode 154
    Tess' husband and son come to the house. She and her husband go fencing which teaches them the rules of love. Vanessa starts working on her dream to become a dancer. The topic in group session is women taking care of themselves. Allison gets the results of the genetic testing. A breast cancer expert come to teach the ladies how to do a breast self examination.moreless
  • Great Expecations
    Great Expecations
    Episode 153
    Karen Starts to examine her image as a mother and she's facing a rejection from her daughter. The topic in group session is fantasy and the ladies are having fun with their fantasies, during the session Allison is having a hard time and her housemates support her. Layne's assignment is to interview men. Tess feels like she's singled out.moreless
  • Facing a Phobia
    Facing a Phobia
    Episode 152
    Allison is going through one of her most difficult days, and then gets some good news regarding her health. The topic in group session is letting go and giving up our old self. Vanessa tries to find success in things she's not good at. Iyanla works with Megg on her fear from elevators. Tess feels attacked and confused, she talks with Dr. Stan about her need for attention and her need to engage in everything.moreless
  • Love Special
    Love Special
    Episode 151
    Former housemates talk about relationships and love.
  • Health Issues
    Health Issues
    Episode 150
    Allison is worried since she might have another illness as a result of her breast cancer. Layne talks with Rhonda about her expectations from her 3 fiances. Dr Stan talks with Megg about her fear from elevators and then they work on resolving it.
  • A New Look
    A New Look
    Episode 149
    Allison goes on a date and dyes her hair. Vanessa meets a girl with a similar background and makes the first step toward dancing. Tess' sister comes to the house in order to help Tess get rid of her excuses.
  • Tess' Fate
    Tess' Fate
    Episode 148
    Layne and Tess talk about their problems with each other since Layne doesn't agree with the coaches' decision. The topic in group session is compassion. Vanessa goes with Allison to her medical testing. Andy Paige comes to help Karen to look appropriate. Layne talks with Rhonda about Mr. Right and practice it later.moreless
  • Emergency Board of Review
    In the emergency board of review the women decides whether Tess should stay or go. Rhonda tells Tess that she could continue her healing process in the house if she'll stay committed to the coaches' terms.
  • Threatening to Leave
    Threatening to Leave
    Episode 146
    Dr. Stan works with Megg on her fear from the back seat. Rhonda and Vanessa talk about a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Stan talks with Tess about the inconsistencies in her story. The coaches summon an emergency board of review.
  • Confronting Fear
    Confronting Fear
    Episode 145
    The divide between Tess and the other women deepens and Layne talks about it with Rhonda. The topic in group session is marriage and a fantasy wedding. Tess tells her mother about the molestation she went through when she was young.
  • Childhood Trauma Special
    Coming soon
  • Engage Fully in Life
    Engage Fully in Life
    Episode 143
    Megg, the new housemate arrives, she has several phobias that run her life and her goal is to engage fully in life. Iyanla helps Karen understanding who she is and what she present to others.
  • Grief and Loss Special
    Former housemates talk about their life experience regarding grief.
  • Leaving the Nest
    Leaving the Nest
    Episode 141
    It's Rachael's graduation day and she's having a makeover. Allison goes to a genetic testing which will determine her future regarding cancer.
  • Expressing Emotion
    Expressing Emotion
    Episode 140
    The topic in group session is coming out of the box. Tess is having a breakthrough by confessing she was molested at 10 years of age and by expressing her emotions. Allison goes to a support group of women who are breast cancer survivors. Rachael is having a family reunion and Iyanla tells her that she's graduating.moreless
  • Father's Special
    Father's Special
    Episode 139
    Former housemates talk about their relationships with their fathers.
  • Breaking Down Walls
    Breaking Down Walls
    Episode 138
    Rhonda and Tess discuss her need to be right and her assignment is to talk in a time limit of 20 seconds. The topic in group session is defensiveness. Allison finally breaks down and show some emotions. Karen interviews people to understand how she represent herself.
  • Family Reunion
    Family Reunion
    Episode 137
    Rachael is planning a family reunion for her non conventional family. Layne explorer her relationships with other men in her life. Allison meets a genetic expert and they discuss the possibility of another cancer.
  • Ms. Right
    Ms. Right
    Episode 136
    Layne, the new housemate arrives. She has been engaged 3 times but never got married, her goal is to become Ms. right. Karen talks with her family to find out how she creates drama. Tess' assignment is to learn how to talk and listen to her housemates.
  • Self-Love
    Episode 135
    It's Bethany's graduation day and she talks with Dr. Stan about her plans for the future. Allison began her journey towards dating and Bethany needs to fulfill her promise and sing in a karaoke bar
  • Body Image Special
    Body Image Special
    Episode 134
    Former housemates and actress Judi Evans discuss body image.
  • Sacrifice
    Episode 133
    The topic in group session is sacrifice. Vanessa's boyfriend arrives and she talks with him about what she needs. In board of review Vanessa and Allison get their grades and get judged by the coaches. Rhonda informs Bethany that she's graduating.
  • Rebellion
    Episode 132
    Bethany and Vanessa's assignment is to be bad girls. The topic in group session is rebellion. Karen paints two disturbing self portraits and Dr. Stan is concerned.
  • Father's Day
    Father's Day
    Episode 131
    Rachael finally met her biological father whom she had never met. Karen talks with Dr. Stan about the reason she came to the house. Allison meets a breast cancer survivor. Karen is depressed since she had a rough day.
  • Marathon Dating
    Marathon Dating
    Episode 130
    The topic in group session is first impression. Bethany goes out to 3 dates with 3 different guys. Karen talks with a reporter and tells her life story.
  • Judgement Day
    Judgement Day
    Episode 129
    Karen, the new housemate arrives and her goal is to address and unaddress guilt. Tess' assignment is to judge her housemates and then let them judge her.
  • Another Goodbye
    Another Goodbye
    Episode 128
    It's Candy's graduation day. Bethany is having a medical procedure to find out what's wrong with her stomach. Dr. Stan talks with Allison about self-love.
  • Surprise Visit
    Surprise Visit
    Episode 127
    The topic in group session is toxic people and behavior. Candy's boyfriend comes to the house and candy is having a haircut for his arrival. Tess talks with her family about how she show and withhold love.
  • Rediscovering Joy
    Rediscovering Joy
    Episode 126
    The topic in group session is jealousy. Vanessa goes with Dr. Stan to the gym to discover what brings her joy and she falls in love with gymnastics all over again. Rachael is furious since her godmother wanted raise her when she was little but her aunt refused based on race issues.moreless
  • Falling in Love
    Falling in Love
    Episode 125
    The topic in group session is compliments and romance. Vanessa talks with Rhonda about the ways she beats herself up. Bethany and Tess interview couples that have been married for a long time, afterwards Bethany goes out with a dating coach.
  • A New Roommate
    A New Roommate
    Episode 124
    Tess, the new house-mate arrives at the house and her goal is to determine the future of her marriage. Candy conducts a survey about powerful women. Allison learns how to eat right and take care of herself.
  • Diaploma Day
    Diaploma Day
    Episode 123
    It's Cassie's graduation day. Candy is upset about what's going on with her son who is in jail.
  • In the Heart of You
    In the Heart of You
    Episode 122
    Coming Soon
  • Candy's Control
    Candy's Control
    Episode 121
    The topic in group session is saying sorry and forgiving. Candy buys new clothes with Allison and she finds out in what ways she controls others. Vanessa examines her support and therefore she can't talk to her boyfriend.
  • Shame Special
    Shame Special
    Episode 120
    Former housemates reflect on shame.
  • Putting the Past to Rest
    Rachael is reading her testimony at a church and visits her parents grave site. The topic in group session laughter. Cassie gets the results of the GED and discover that she failed the math portion again.
  • Self-Love
    Episode 118
    Rachael is excited from her brother's arrival since she haven't seen him for 3 years. The topic in group session is "shutting down". Cassie is upset about the situation with her son and the ladies are worried about her. Cassie decides to stop trying contacting her son. Bethany learns the path to self love.moreless
  • Decisions, Decisions
    Decisions, Decisions
    Episode 117
    Rachael's family doesn't support her and Iyanla is there for her. The topic in group session is stress. Vanessa has to make decisions today since all her life people has made the decisions for her. Candy learns to let go and jumps into the unknown.
  • Emotional Dishonesty
    Emotional Dishonesty
    Episode 116
    Andy Paige comes to teach Bethany how to look and feel better about herself. The topic in group session is cancer. Cassie receives a letter from the adoptive mother saying that she shouldn't contact her son.
  • Learn to Live
    Learn to Live
    Episode 115
    Allison, the new roommate had breast cancer and her goal is to learn how to live. Bethany and Vanessa learn more about exercising and eating right. Rachael continues planning her mother's memorial.
  • Fly Away
    Fly Away
    Episode 114
    It's Renee's graduation day and her father comes to support her. In the next morning the ladies are sad that Renee has left the house and await for the newest roommate to arrive.
  • Thinking Independently
    Vanessa and Dr. Stan talk about her sense of self and how to think independently. In board of review Bethany reveals that she hates herself and Iyanla tells Renee that she's graduating. Cassie is taking the math portion of the GED again. Andy Paige comes to give Renee a makeover.
  • Accepting Less
    Accepting Less
    Episode 112
    The topic in group session is self sabotage. Renee does another charity work in honor of her father and uses her communication skills to help children. Bethany asks strangers what's the use of going to the gym. Vanessa shares in group session that she wants to go to college but afraid that her boyfriend will leave her.moreless
  • Courage Through Playfulness
    Renee's father was supposed to come to the house but at the last moment he decided not to. Cassie meets the adoptive father's ex-wife who has information and pictures of her son. The topic in group session is being playful and have fun.
  • Waiting Patiently
    Waiting Patiently
    Episode 110
    Rachael talks with her biological father and he wants to have a relationship with her. The topic in group session is goals and patience. Candy is getting a phone call from home, letting her know that her son is in trouble. Bethany starts taking risks and goes into the pool.
  • Small Changes are Big
    Small Changes are Big
    Episode 109
    Cassie is making a video tape for her son. Renee and Rachael talk with fathers who are in the same situation of their own fathers. The topic in group session is small changes- big results. Bethany talks with Rhonda about her body image and Africans dancers come to the house to cheer the ladies up. Rachael's father calls her and he wants to see her.moreless
  • Body Image
    Body Image
    Episode 108
    The topic in group session is sensuality and sexuality. Bethany and Cadny go to a lingerie and perfume shops and Bethany feels uncomfortable. Vanessa interviews strangers and asks them if they think she's a failure.
  • Confronting the Past
    Confronting the Past
    Episode 107
    Renee's mother comes to the house in order to have a conversation with Renee about the past. Bethany is having another hypnosis session with Dr. Stan but she's having a hard time remembering. In group session Dr. Stan talks about rejection.
  • Passion for the Game
    Passion for the Game
    Episode 106
    The ladies play softball with the male cast of Passions. The topic in group session is fantasy and reality. Renee, Rachael and Bethany set up a kissing boot to raise money for charity. Cassie receives good news regarding her son.
  • Broken Dreams
    Broken Dreams
    Episode 105
    Vanessa, the new roommate who arrives to the house was a professional gymnast and she shares in group session about her painful experience in the Olympic tryouts, her goal is to develop a new identity. Candy feel uncomfortable with her body and Iyanla encourage her to pose nude. Renee's father calls her and the conversation goes well.moreless
  • Graduation Day
    Graduation Day
    Episode 104

    It's Denise's graduation day and Andy Paige comes to give her a makeover. Denise talk with Dr. Stan about her plans for the future. Renee is being tested for learning disabilities and she also calls her father to try to mend their relationship after 7 years.

  • Healing Relationships
    Healing Relationships
    Episode 103
    Renee and Iyanla call Renee's mother and try convincing her to come to the house. Renee and Cassie volunteer and plant trees to help the environment. Rachael is making a memory box in order to help her biological father know more about her. Rhonda tells Denise that she's graduating and the ladies go out to celebrate.moreless
  • Aging Gracefully
    Aging Gracefully
    Episode 102
    Denise helps a woman with the same problem that she used to have, this is Denise's final test if she succeed she'll graduate otherwise she'll be sent home. Candy is throwing a coming in party to celebrate the fact she's aging. Cassie and Rhonda call the adoptive father but he doesn't answer.moreless
  • Harsh Grades
    Harsh Grades
    Episode 101
    The private investigator finds out information about Racheal's biological father who's a president of a homeless shelter but Racheal isn't satisfied. Dr. Stan hypnotizes Bethany and she remembers a few events from her life. Denise's husband don't see her progress and gives her harsh criticism.
  • Honoring Good Things
    Honoring Good Things
    Episode 100
    Cassie gets the GED results and she passes 4 out of 5 tests. Denise's husband comes to the house and Denise prepares a romantic dinner. The topic in group session is letting go of fears and the past and concentrating on good things.
  • Defining Moments
    Defining Moments
    Episode 99
    Bethany had a memory flash. Denise learns how to set boundaries. In group session the ladies talk about their history and their destiny and Renee earns two steps. Rachael begins to search after her biological father. Denise tries communicating with her sister.
  • Passion
    Episode 98
    Dr. Stan suggests to hypnotize Bethany which would help her access her memory. Cassie examines with Dr. Stan her skills and job options. The topic in group session is passion. Renee meets a psychologist in order to reserch her learning disability. Rhonda and Cassie talk with the adoptive father and that conversation gives Cassie a little hope.moreless
  • Cleaning Boot Camp
    Cleaning Boot Camp
    Episode 97
    Denise struggles in a cleaning boot camp. Bethany continues interviewing her family and finding out the truth. Iyanla pushes Rachael to contact her birth father. The topic in group session is quitting and Candy goes to a female doctor to learn more about her body.
  • Delving into the Past
    Cassie is taking the last part of the GED. Bethany and Rhonda interview Bethany's family in North Carolina. After the GED cassie and her housemates go to lunch to celebrate. Denise and Candy argue and Iyanla intervenes.
  • Losing Hope
    Losing Hope
    Episode 95
    Cassie considers leaving the house after her birth mother's visit. Rhonda and Bethany go to North Carolina and she's scared of hurting her family by bringing up the painful past. Iyanla has a special assignment for Candy and Renee so that Candy could learn how to let go and trust others and Renne could be more responsible. Rachael starts investigating her family form her father's side and something about her past is not right.moreless
  • Hearing vs. Listening
    Rachael's friend comes to the house. Cassie and her bitrh mother talk about the past with Rhonda. The topic in group session is the distinction between listening and hearing. Iyanla shares with Renee the possibility that she might have learning disability. Cassie's fantasy of a healthy relationship with her mother shattered after her visit and Cassie is thinking about leaving the house.moreless
  • Giver or Taker?
    Giver or Taker?
    Episode 93
    Cassie meets other parents who gave their kids for adoption. Rhonda talk about people who are givers and takers and the ladies' assignment is to take from Denise so she could feel what she's doing to others. Cassie's birth mother comes for a visit and Cassie discovers some new information about her family. Bethany tells Rhonda about a painful incident in her past.moreless
  • The Beauty Within
    The Beauty Within
    Episode 92
    Cassie takes the first part of the GED test. Dr. Stan and Bethany talk about her memory loss. Rhonda gives an assignment to all the housemates to play the members of Bethany's family in order to jog her memory. The topic in group session is the perception of beauty. Candy and Dr. Stan talk about Candy's relationship with her father.moreless
  • The Present is a Gift
    Cassie signs up for the GED and she's a little nervous. The topic in group session is living in the present. Renee goes to a homless shelter in order to practice listenning and communication skills. Bethany starts examining the emotions she felt when she lost her memory. Cassie's inspiration John Davidson came to the house to support her before the GED.moreless
  • Taboos
    Episode 90
    The topic in group session in taboos. Candy's assignment is not to clean or cook in the next few days. Iyanla and Rachael talk about Rachael's early life. Dr. Stan and Renee talk about her feeling of being stupid and afterward she meets an educational consultant and understand what's her learning style. The woman play the game "Taboo Fabu"moreless
  • House of Denial
    House of Denial
    Episode 89
    Rachael, Bethany, Renee and Iyanla go to a spiritual center. Dr. Stan talk about denial in group session and the ladies express the things they deny. Today Denise is Candy and Candy is Denise so they could understand each other more. Cassie and Rhonda consult with Dr. Stan if they should contact Cassie's son.moreless
  • Excuses, Excuses
    Excuses, Excuses
    Episode 88
    Rhonda tells Cassie that her son knows he's adopted. The topic in group session is excuses and the fears behind them. Denise starts forgiving her sister. Rachael and Iyanla meet a group of breast cancer survivors. In board of review Cassie has been given a step and Iyanla tells Rachael that she represent her granddaughter 10 years from now.moreless
  • Breaking Through the Wall
    In group session Iyanla explains that many woman live behind a wall that stops them from moving forward in life. Candy goes to a photographer to show her femininity. Rhonda calls to the adoptive mother on behalf of Cassie. Bethany practices asking for help from strangers.
  • Giving & Receiving
    Giving & Receiving
    Episode 86
    The topic in group session is giving and receiving, during the session the ladies share with Renee that she's not a good listener. Rhonda and Cassie go to the detective again to find out if he found information about Cassie's son and the adoptive parents. Renee and Rachael have a fierce conversation about their conflict.moreless
  • Conflict Resolution
    Conflict Resolution
    Episode 85
    This is a special episode of Starting Over as former houseguests return to discuss Conflict Resolution including Brenda and Audrey from Season One, who had a falling out the night before Audrey graduated that was never resolved.
  • Secrets
    Episode 84
    Candy and Rachael go to a day of pampering at a spa and Denise tells her father's life story. The topic in group session is secrets and the ladies write and then tear their deepest secret. Renee do volunteer work and dedicates it to the people she hold grudge against. In Renee's session with Iyanla they talk about the conflict between her and Rachael. Later the ladies play the "Truth game".moreless
  • Mending Fences
    Mending Fences
    Episode 83
    Coming Soon!
  • Anger Session
    Anger Session
    Episode 82
    Coming Soon!
  • Depression
    Episode 81
    Denise and Candy fight about their dinner. In the morning the ladies go to a surprise group activity and Denise is late. The topic in group session is depression and Denise shares with the ladies that she tried to commit suicide when she was 12 years old. Iyanla explains Candy that she treats the other ladies like she treats her inmates. a nutritionist comes to the house to teach the ladies how to eat right.moreless
  • Dancing Shoes
    Dancing Shoes
    Episode 80
    The ladies wake up to a morning of dancing. The topic in group session is weakness. Candy goes out to find a dress for a dancing lesson which all the ladies will attend. Denise discovers that she might have a stepbrother or a stepsister since her father got another girl pregnant. Cassie takes the first step at reconnecting with her son.moreless
  • Embracing the Past
    Embracing the Past
    Episode 79
    Dr. Stan examines Bethany's memory loss. Rachael resists to Iyanla's assignment but afterwards she's having a breakthrough. Bethany explores new activities and watch her senior year video with her house mates. Candy and Denise make a cleaning arrangement.
  • The Reason Why
    The Reason Why
    Episode 78
    Rachel is frustrated after the session with Iyanla. Denise gets two steps done but Rhonda adds another one which is forgiveness.Candy becomes the mother of the house and prepares a family dinner. Rachel calls her aunt to find out the reason why she didn't raise her ,after her mother passed away. Iyanla shares with Rachael her life story.moreless
  • Feel Like a Woman
    Feel Like a Woman
    Episode 77
    Candy, the new roommate arrives and her goal is to be more feminine. Candy and Denise don't get along since Denise offends her with her comments and Candy is a neat freak. Bethany starts figuring out who she is and tries to watch her senior year video.
  • Get to Know Me
    Get to Know Me
    Episode 76
    Bethany, the new roommate arrives, she lost her memory when she was 17 years old and her goal is to get to know herself. Cassie is doing an assessment test in order to take lessons in an adult school. Renee is meeting an healing artist.
  • Honoring Her Mother
    Honoring Her Mother
    Episode 75
    I'ts Cassie's courage day and part of it is an assignment to read her poetry. The ladies discuss the five stages of grief in group session. Rachael prepares her mother's legacy and share it with her house-mates. Denis writes a letter grieving her childhood.
  • Sommer's Fate
    Sommer's Fate
    Episode 74
    Sommer is asked to leave the house because she is hurting the Starting Over process. Rhonda gives Denise an assignment to spend some time alone in a white room. Renee and Iyanla discuss Renee's molestation and decide that Renee needs to change her stages, but the goal remains the same. Towanda graduates and leaves the house.moreless
  • Towanda's Perfomance
    Towanda's big day has finally come and she performs at the Viper Room. Towanda's husband and former Starting Over graduates come to her show, and when she finishes her song Iyanla tells her That she's going to graduate. The ladies meet for an emergency board of review to discuss the situation with Sommer and tell her she's engaged to much with production.moreless
  • Accusations Fly
    Accusations Fly
    Episode 72
    Serious accusations create a deep divide in the house. The ladies come to Rhonda with complaints about Sommer's intention, and say that she pays to much attention to the production and the crew. Renee is having some difficulties with her housemates and tells it to Iyanla, she is even thinking of leaving the house. Rhonda and Iyanla have a meeting to talk about the situation with Sommer, They think that she is jeopardizing the process for all of the ladies.moreless
  • Painful Secret
    Painful Secret
    Episode 71
    Cassie writes a letter to Rhonda telling her how she feels about her hair. Towanda is getting her hair done for her performance. Renee shares her secret with Iyanla ,that she was molested when she was 7 years old. Rachael and Renee are having a big argument.
  • Organizational Options
    Coming Soon!
  • Makeover Meltdown
    Makeover Meltdown
    Episode 69
    Andy paige comes to give Cassie a makeover to make her look younger, but when she dyes her hair from blond to brown Cassie freaks out.
  • Domesticated Denise
    Domesticated Denise
    Episode 68
    Denise's husband is arriving and the couple talk through their problems. Cassie and the ladies have a self-defence class. The tension between Towanda and Rachael comes to it's end. Sommer and the ladies are going to a dating event.
  • Broken Trust
    Broken Trust
    Episode 67
    Towanda and Rachael argue after an incident in group session. Renee is having fierce conversations with her friend and hear the truth about her personality. Rhonda force Denise to improve her behavior for her husband's visit.
  • Confronting Abuse
    Confronting Abuse
    Episode 66
    Towanda is nervous from her husband visit. Rachael tries to reconnect with her brother. Dr. Stan encourage Sommer's dad to have an honest conversation with her about his fear of rejecting as a young man.
  • Parental Guidance
    Parental Guidance
    Episode 65
    Sommer's parents are coming in the starting over house and Rhonda is impressed by their willingness, and their desire to help Sommer.Cassie is meeting a lawyer who tells her that she has no legal rights as a biological mother. Towanda is getting ready for her fierce conversation with her husband
  • Tough Love
    Tough Love
    Episode 64
    Towanda wants to confront Iyanla and tell her that she feel like her marriage is being attacked. Rachel realize that she's looking for a father figure in her boyfriends. Iyanla imprison Rene until she figures out what she needs to do to get out. The woman of the Starting Over house are cooking a family dinner.moreless
  • Emotional Abuse
    Emotional Abuse
    Episode 63
    Coming Soon!
  • Break In
    Break In
    Episode 62
    Coming Soon!
  • Surfin' USA
    Surfin' USA
    Episode 61
    Coming Soon!
  • Heal Painful Past
    Heal Painful Past
    Episode 60

    The new housemate Rachael arrives. When Rachael was 12, she lost both her mom and step-dad to cancer within months of each other. She came to the house to help heal her painful past.

  • Step Into Adulthood
    Step Into Adulthood
    Episode 59
    Coming Soon!
  • Mission Accomplished

    Towanda is meeting her younger sister Tamar Braxton and they try to overcome their disagreements. Sommer realize that she's got to make more effort. Kim and Jennifer graduate.

  • Joyful News
    Joyful News
    Episode 57
    Rhonda gives Denise an assignment to be Towanda's personal assistant in order to help her learn how to be more organized. during board of review two surprises await for the ladies.
  • Like Yourself
    Like Yourself
    Episode 56
    Jennifer tries to understand her father and realize that he loves her. Towanda deals with the fact that she's alone at her birthday. Sommer overcomes her fears and tries spending some time with Ed while Denise who is trying to help Sommer and Ed, really bother them.
  • Not Her Sister's Keeper
    Kim finally meets her sister, and Iyanla helps them overcome their past issues. Sommer buys a new swimsuit for Ed's visit. Jennifer calls her father who is sentenced for life and asks him why he hasn't respond to her letter.
  • Sommer's Accusation
    Sommer's Accusation
    Episode 54
    Kim decides to stay in the Starting Over house and complete the process. Sommer is having trouble dealing with her negative body image and refuses to go into the pool. Jennifer starts feeling compassion towards her father, after a conversation with her mother.
  • Her Majesty
    Her Majesty
    Episode 53
    Coming Soon!
  • Clutter vs. Clean
    Clutter vs. Clean
    Episode 52
    Denise starts to realize the source of her problem. Kim and Jennifer are getting ready for the trip to Denver and reveal their biggest fears regarding the conversation with their family members.
  • Phone Call
    Phone Call
    Episode 51
    Rhonda is trying to show Sommer how much progress she had made, and help her realize that she is sexy. Cassie follows the significant station in her son's life whom she gave for adoption. Kim talks with her sister on the phone.
  • Goodbye, Little One
    Goodbye, Little One
    Episode 50
    Josie graduates and the women from both Starting Over houses are sad to see her and her little girl leave. Before they go the women gather and reflect their experiences, the good and the bad.
  • Graduation Crisis
    Graduation Crisis
    Episode 49

    Towanda is having a crisis when her father tells her that he doesn't want her to call him. Josie is getting ready for her graduation and the ladies are surprised when Jossie's roommates from the first Starting Over house come to celebrate her graduation.

  • Manipulation
    Episode 48
    Iyanla tells Kim and Jennifer that they are going to Denver so that Kim could talk to her sister face to face and Jennifer could talk to her mother. Jennifer says that she'll do everything Iyanla tells her to do in order to graduate. Towanda writes a letter to her father.moreless
  • Racism vs. Prejudice
    Coming Soon!
  • Gains & Losses
    Gains & Losses
    Episode 46
    Coming Soon!
  • New Housemate Arrives
    Coming Soon
  • Blind Date
    Blind Date
    Episode 44
    Coming Soon!
  • Comedy Night
    Comedy Night
    Episode 43
    Coming Soon!
  • Bad Habit
    Bad Habit
    Episode 42
    Coming Soon!
  • Taking Action
    Taking Action
    Episode 41
    Coming Soon!
  • Cutting Corners
    Cutting Corners
    Episode 40

    coming soon

  • Boot Camp
    Boot Camp
    Episode 40
    The ladies wake up for a boot camp morning.Jennifer asks her sister to visit. Kim is learning to give without expecting anything in return.Towanda is meeting a vocal training expert and she is helping the woman loosen up.
  • Letting Go
    Letting Go
    Episode 39
    Kim's husband is coming for a visit and the housemates love him. Sommer tries to figure out what is she looking for in a relationship,while Maureen starts the grieving process over her childrens.
  • Sisterhood Meeting
    Sisterhood Meeting
    Episode 38
    Coming soon
  • Good Girls Do Bad Things
    coming soon
  • Anger Session
    Anger Session
    Episode 36
    coming soon
  • Jennifer Struggles
    Jennifer Struggles
    Episode 35
    coming soon
  • Day of Indulgence
    Day of Indulgence
    Episode 34
    Josie and her mom are treated to a day of indulgence while Maureen discuss loss.
  • A New Housemate
    A New Housemate
    Episode 33
    Season One's Maureen returns to the house.
  • Tragegy Strikes
    Tragegy Strikes
    Episode 32
    Rhonda flies to Chicago to visit Season One graduate, Maureen, who just lost her house in a devasting fire.
  • Nay-Nay Graduates
    Nay-Nay Graduates
    Episode 31
    coming soon
  • Towanda Confronts Iyanla
    coming soon
  • Divine Intervention
    Divine Intervention
    Episode 29
    coming soon
  • Let's Talk About Sex
    coming soon
  • Disappearing Act
    Disappearing Act
    Episode 27
    coming soon
  • A Special Visit
    A Special Visit
    Episode 26
    coming soon
  • Wash Away Mistakes
    Wash Away Mistakes
    Episode 25
    coming soon
  • Sisterhood
    Episode 24
    coming soon
  • Family Issues
    Family Issues
    Episode 23
    The housemates are instructed to act as members of Jennifer's family today, without telling her. She is shocked by the treatment that the ladies are heaping on her, and finally reacts. Iyanla lifts the necklace out of her life, as she realizes that she has strength in her own voice.
  • Feeling Knotty
    Feeling Knotty
    Episode 22
    The housemates get a visit from Starting Over graduate, Lynnell. She pairs the women up into pairs, and ties them together for a 2 1/2 hour period, leaving them to figure out the purpose of this exercise. The evening group focuses on love, the ladies discuss all aspects of love.
  • Anger Management
    Anger Management
    Episode 21
    Iyanla reveals a part of her life that includes a personal tragedy to Kim. The ladies discuss their roles in broken relationships, and Kim feels uncomfortable, asking to change the exercise to a one on one format.
  • Board of Review Breakthrough
    Towanda has a tearful breakdown at the board of review, looked at as a breakthrough, to all. Although her actions at the board were impressive, Iyanla gave her a C, meaning that she is on probation. Feeling down, Iyanla comforts her, and tells her to look at this as a new beginning.moreless
  • Food, Glorious Food
    Food, Glorious Food
    Episode 19
    Food choices are discussed this morning, and Sommer is called on for her poor eating habits. Kim's daughters wrap up their visit, and tensions mount when the coaches announce that there will be a board of review that evening.
  • Wednesday
    Episode 18

    coming soon

  • Sommer's Accusation
    Sommer's Accusation
    Episode 18
    Sommer accuses Kim of stealing her eye makeup, in front of the entire house, Kim denies it. The group topic was about the distinction between what people hear, versus what people actually listen to. The women are asked to identify their personal filters for listening.
  • People Pleasing
    People Pleasing
    Episode 17
    It is revealed in morning group, that someone has earned a step. Kim's daughters show up at the same time that Iyanla drops in, and sees that Kim has broken their agreement. She is wearing full makeup, and expensive clothes.
  • Queen of Punishment
    Queen of Punishment
    Episode 16
    Rhonda surprises Josie with her own throne and crown, making her the "Queen Of Punishment", a role that Rhonda says that she fills. Kim bargains with Iyanla to gain part of her wardrobe back, and Jennifer finds an outlet for her anger in chopping wood.
  • Talk to Strangers
    Talk to Strangers
    Episode 15
    The ladies shed their scarlet letters, and tensions begin to fade with Sommer and the house mates. Jennifer feels that Josie is taking advantage of the housemates where Chloe is concerned, and voices her opinion, to a shocked Josie.
  • Shameful Secrets
    Shameful Secrets
    Episode 14
    When Sommer is branded with a Scarlet letter for her role in an adulterous affair, the house is pleased. Towanda explains about her Scarlet letter. Her shame was that she signed the record deal when her sister, Traci Braxton was forbidden to sign due to her pregnancy. Rhonda reminds all of them that they each have one thing or another that they should be branded for, and so it goes, all the ladies are branded for a past mistake. Sinae takes the bus uptown, and returns home on her own.moreless
  • Controlling the Trust
    The group topic is about control. Kim meets with Dr. Stan, to address the relevance of her dressing down exercise. Rhonda takes Josie to a mother's group, where she gets a chance to mingle and question other mom's about what is important.
  • Plain Jane
    Plain Jane
    Episode 12
    Sommer tries to make ammends with Josie. Jennifer has trouble completing a task, so Iyanla intervenes to make it a little easier. Kim becomes enraged when she is told to hand over all of her expensive possesions, and walk around in a jogging suit.
  • Rough Start
    Rough Start
    Episode 11
    Sommer keeps feeling the distance between the other housemates, especially with Towanda. Iyanla and Jennifer forge ahead with her exercise on discovering what love looks like. Meanwhile, Rhonda takes issue with Josie on having never felt loved by anyone.
  • A New Addition
    A New Addition
    Episode 10
    A new housemate arrives today, filling the space that Deborah left behind. Iylana suggests that the women go out of their way to make her feel welcome, and has them plan a slumber party. Kim decides on a Hawaiian theme. Sommer arrives, and tells her story of being overweight, and getting a gastric bypass, but still feeling heavy. After the women hear Sommer's entire story, they make harsh judgements.moreless
  • Assessing the Past
    Assessing the Past
    Episode 9
    Iylana makes Jennifer wear a necklace that shows all the things she dislikes about herself. The ladies discuss the reason that Deborah decided to leave the house in a group setting, and Josie gets a day out with some exotic animals.
  • Understanding Forgiveness
    Deborah finally makes up her mind to stay or go, and follows through. The ladies are content with her decision. Sinae meets a new friend, who is also blind, they lunch together in KoreaTown, then it is up to Sinae to find her own way home.
  • A Dark Secret Revealed
    The other women are starting to get annoyed by Deborah's constant need for attention. The Life Coaches meet to discuss the continual lies that she tells, and whether she should be able to stay in the house, or not at this time. A photo shoot takes place, then the ladies play "dress-up" in an unflattering way.moreless
  • Day of Pampering
    Day of Pampering
    Episode 6
    Deborah tries to keep a secret from the life coaches. Jennifer is made to feel like a queen for a day, and is not used to being pampered, but goes along with the special day. Josie has fears about her ability to properly provide for Chloe.
  • Midnight Emergency
    Midnight Emergency
    Episode 5
    A emergency forces the women to evacuate the house. Deborah packs her bags and prepares to head home. The ladies don't understand her reasons for wanting to leave the house early, and Rhonda is called over to talk it out with her.
  • Family Secrets
    Family Secrets
    Episode 4
    Towanda reveals that her sister is the one and only R&B singer, Toni Braxton. Rhonda and Sinae venture out to see a retinal surgeon, to discuss alternative treatments. Deborah announces that she needs to leave the house, no one likes her, in her opinion.
  • Father Figure
    Father Figure
    Episode 3
    Josie yields to the pressure, and reveals the identity of baby Chloe's father. Once revealed, Deborah is confrontational with her on her morality. The ladies accompany Iyanla to the park, to discuss what their goals are, and how to go about achieving them.
  • How Ya Livin'?
    How Ya Livin'?
    Episode 2
    Sinae comes to terms with using a cane, and Deborah deals with the disadvantages of not being internet literate. Jennifer tells of the horror of a S.W.A.T team breaking in, and ransacking their home, and the feelings that she has for her father for abandoning the family to do prison time.moreless
  • Starting Over, Again
    The first six women of season 2 arrive at the house, and receive their grocery money. Already, one of the ladies is set apart as the outcast, and tension mounts when she is near. The new life coach, Iyanla is introduced, and she introduces the new "sacred space" in the house.moreless