Starting Over

Season 3 Episode 161

Starting Over Farewell

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM May 24, 2006 on

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  • I did'nt get 2 c this show-but I moved 3x during this time,now its gone. I have called NBC -no response & written email-just a general ans. There R shows on now that make no sense,why did they (NBC)do this? WHO's in charge? Not viewers 4 sure! its $$$

    I wish I had seen the last show-I would have started calling right from the start of the news it was not coming back-I know a lot of people that watch the show-Sorry I missed it. I wonder and hope that NBC will bring it back?-for it was something that touch on each of our lives in someway something for the us to grow and learn from-What a foolish move they made when taking it on the air...there are so many silly and foolish sitcoms on that make no sense. I think they are just there to blind us for moments...Just like the News if you do not dig and read you will never get the truth... TV as of late is nothing great... I have stopped watching it as must and find that life in all its good and bad is better. It happens all the time something that benefits the people and taken away and you are force to see worthless stuff... nothing to grow by and with...something you can apply to one life or a friends life.