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Created by and starring Eric Schaeffer ("If Lucy Fell," "Too Something"), "Starved" is, according to the network, "a comedic take on food addiction, which is used as the backdrop to the funny, romantic and personal misadventures of the four characters." Schaeffer will star as a neurotic Wall Streeter living in Brooklyn who's friends with a bulimic cop (Sterling K. Brown, "Brown Sugar"), an overweight writer (Del Pentecost, "Kingdom Hospital") and an anorexic would-be songwriter (Broadway actress Laura Benanti, "Nine").

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    Starved chokes on a spew of vitriol

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    • Out of principle - a principle that puts human life and health before the financial gain of a few - I will never watch this show. Below are some reasons.

      The diagnosis of eating disorders has increased extremely in prevalence over the past decades (Treasure et al, 2003). Several studies have contributed data showing that 5.92% of patients with anorexia nervosa died as a result of the disorder (Sullivan, 1995). They die because their body is unable to live because of insufficient food. By the way, this is happening in a country with rising obesity rates, so it is not because they have to starve to death, it is because the society we are living in is sick enough to place value on people's look, and because humor is found in the suffering of people with very serious medical conditions. Eating disorders are actually the leading cause of death among mental disorders, and the tendency is for insurance companies to be unwilling to pay for the treatment of eating disorders. Thus, people die. "Starved" is not a comedy, it is a tragedy without meaning.moreless
    • a new program that has definite promise

      at first a little crass and unecessarily light. but from the point of someone with an eating disorder, I found it painfuly relatable andfar too close to home. I have only watched the pilot and would definently watch more. i will be interested to see how they developed the ideas and characters. I did think that it could have shown in a clearer way how dominating having an ED is, the way in which it dominates every single second of your day. but I did think the way in which the episode ended was so brilliantly and realistically portrayed that it has left quite a mark on me. I just hope that it wont prove to be yet another program jumping on the ED and size zero fad that the media seems to be so heavily endorsing, I hope that it will be as heavy and show the true desperation that living with this awful illness causes.moreless
    • I think we need a stronger classification for Starved. I suggest repugnant, but I fear that might not be strong enough.

      When I first heard about Starved and it's twisted premise I was looking forward to it's premier. I love twisted premises. That's why I love show's like Family Guy, Twin Peaks, and Carnavale. Hell I even found David Lynch's short lived "On the Air" amusing. Oh god, was I mislead.

      Starved was able to do what no other comedy(including John Waters early work) could do, make me physicaly ill. This show is the most vile, most repugnant, piece of garbage to ever grace the airwaves. Three of the four main characters are so repugnant that I actualy hoped thier eating disorders would kill them. The only character that was at all funny or sympathtic was Dan, the fat guy. Funny how the only person that could pull off the roll of a person with an eating disorder, might actualy have one.

      Eric Schaeffer should be ashamed of himself for this crime against humanity and nature. I remember seeing Mr. Schaeffer plugging Starved on one of the talk shows, where he stated that this show came from his own eating disorder. I may be wrong, but I'd be willing to bet that this is an out and out lie. No person who has dealt with a disorder, whether it be eating, drugs, gambling, ect., would treat the mater in this manner. If Mr. Schaeffer does have an eating disorder, I think this show proves that his problems go much deeper than food.

      This show is an example of Shydenfreuda (sp? ger= shameful joy) at its worst. I have one question. What were the execs at fox smoking when they green lit this turd. Cause I can't get s**t that good around here.moreless
    • This show to me was amazing. It had the right mix of dexterity, wit and drama to make an amazingly highly entertaing show.

      This show to me was amazing. It had the right mix of dexterity, wit and drama to make an amazingly highly entertaing show.

      Why they cancelled it other then pure social standards of people thinking its "wrong" to produce a show about eating disorders. I don't think that is a good enough reason! Sure it might offend people, but so do shows like Extreme Makeover.

      If you read through the reviews, the people who didn't "enjoy" the show all had a basis of disagreeing with the topic, once you put personal feelings and judgement aside... the show is amazingly entertaing. I watched it while it was on.. and HIGHLY dissappointed when I found out it was cancelled.

      Hopefully... another network will pick it up sometime and air it agian!moreless
    • This show is about eating disorders and people that suffer from them. It is a comedy that will keep you in stiches the entire 30 minutes. A must see.

      This show is absolutely one of the most hilarious shows I\\\\\\\'ve seen in years. The topic is a new one for a sitcom and would love to see more. You have to bring it back. I can not live with out Starved. Please, please, please............I only saw a few episodes and would love to see reruns as well as a new season. More people need to know about the show and it needs to be back on the air. Whomever wrote this comedy is a genius. Please reconsider putting the show back on the air for all of us that are starved for Starved. Thanks!!!!moreless

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