Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2005 on FX

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  • An Amazing episode, the best one so far IMHO

    It was definatly a great episode, and for a moment I actually thought that Sam had gotten something rare, that he actually wanted. The sexual tension between him and Billie were great until the end when she fucked with his head completly and went on that bitch rant... that was just... wrong. Although I wonder if his instant binge was a sign that he doesn\'t really love her, or that his problem is THAT uncontrollable.

    Also on another note, does anyone who might read this know what the song that played at the end of the episode was? When Sam was seeking the Ne-mos?
  • The twisted story of Sam's lovers was very well done. (Discussed and Quoted)

    I found this episode as the best one so far. It was the first time something really really clicks and in a not expected way. I'm talking about one of the final scences between Sam and Billie.

    Sam's whole platonic-idolization with Heather(TV Comercial Girl) become real when he run into her and she accepted to date him. The severely interrupted date ended when Sam cought both Billie and Heather making out in the girls room. This one scene was predictable as we'd already noticed the absence and delay of the girls, but what was a mind blowing was the dialog between Sam and Billie.

    - Sam: You are so terrified of getting everything you want, aren't you? Love, intimacy, friendship, great sex, all rols into one. It does scared you as shit, doesn't it?
    - Billie: Are you gonna give me all that Sam? Is that what this is about? Do you wanna be my boyfriend Sam? Then why don't you just say it, instead of bringing your stupid little TV girlfriend to make me jealous and having it backfired?
    - Sam: That's not why I brought her here.
    - Billie: Then why don't you just tell me the truth... Tell me you are in love with me.
    - Sam: I'm in love with you.
    - Billie: Hahaha, what colour, what colour is the wrapper of a Ne-Mo's cake?
    - Sam: Did you hear what I just said?
    - Billie: Mmm, yeah, I heard it, answer my question.
    - Sam: Yeallow, with black and blue writting.
    (Billie gives Sam her back)
    - Billie: What colour are my eyes?
    - Sam: Brown
    (the camara focus in her green eyes, she smiles)
    - Billie: You wanna tell me again the part about being in love with me? That part is always my favorite!
    - Sam: Losing your stupid little test is more important that the fact that I just told you that I'm in love with you?
    - Billie: Yes! You are an active yankee Sam! Why would I want to sign up with that?
    - Sam: Because real life is messy sometimes, and I'm in love with you... and you are in love with me.
    - Billie: I'm not in love with you, Sam. But you break up with your cake and there may be a chance of a conversation.
    - Sam: What's the rule? Tell me exactly what I need to do to get you in my arms.
    - Billie: No binging for 90 days, that'd be a start.
    - Sam: Done.

    Billie betraying Sam by making out with Heather, and above all, knowing that she will get cought, was a huge call for Sam's attention, which was even more clear when she said the thing about the jealousy and called Heather his stupid little TV girlfriend. Sam confessing his love for Billie, was a touchy moment but the colour game made us doubt about that so called love, and it was really cleverly played by comparing her with the cake. We practicaly believed in him again as Sam said over and over that he loves her, and by telling her he would do anything to be with her. Billie picked the one thing that is an actual danger for Sam, what make us think that she really cared about him...
    In the end we see Billie kissing and taking a cab with Heather. And we see Sam looking everywhere for the NeMo's cakes. After an unsuccessfully quest, he breaks into the locked drawer in his office and finally eats them.
    Amazing episode: Bravo!
  • We see how deep e.d.'s go. It's not just about the food.

    It’s not unusual for victims of eating disorders to also have other obsessive disorders, which, in this episode, manifests in Sam as a degree of hypochondria. He thinks he might have AIDS from the subway pick up he tried to turn into his fantasy/commercial girl (Heather).
    Quickly addressed and moved on; however, hiding it from others and enabling oneself to continue, can cross the line into the criminal.

    (For anyone not having read my reviews of this show in particular: I'm an eating disorder, diet/health counselor and 'in-remission' victim of anorexia/bulimia myself)

    Adam (bulimic cop) meets Josh (dog walker) while purging and when a complaint is lodged about (Adam’s) street-purging, he sets the (possible) accuser (Josh) up as a drug dealer to discredit the complaint and avoid a review. We discover that Adam is not just capable of holding up Chinese food delivery people, threatening citations for bakery delivery trucks and otherwise wielding his authority for food, but he’s beyond nothing! While pretending to apologize to Josh and reaching to shake his hand, he passes cocaine and then arrests him for possession. Adam is a fully severe case of what bulimia can become.

    Sam and his bi-sexual “friend” Billie, who is probably not bi-sexual as hinted at by: “My fans like me better bi-sexual” discuss Sam’s ethics in trying to turn a pick-up into someone else and using her just for sex.

    Josh gets released and Adam attempts to warn him away when Josh reveals his own talent for bulimia, not needing to do anything but open his mouth. Adam’s impressed and finds the strangest new mentor in him. Adam even takes to writing notes, “It isn’t important how you feel, it’s important how you look”. Purging becomes acceptable in public gay bathrooms, where each stall is occupied by more than one man doing anything but using the bathroom. Strangely, in hearing the purging, even some of the otherwise engaged fellows exclaim how wrong it is.

    Adam takes his fantasy girl/Heather to see Billie play and later, at the club, walks in on Billie kissing her! Heather suggests a 3some, but Sam’s not interested. He’s more upset that Billie betrayed him. Billie is further revealed to have a thing for Sam, who feels the same, but can’t tell her what color her eyes are while being able to describe the colors on a cupcake wrapper. Billie’s mad, Sam is now fully into his realization of feelings for her and has to prove himself by not bingeing for 90 days. Billie still leaves with fantasy girl.

    Dan has initiated a new diet “fluid in, fluid out”, but quickly starts blending cheeseburgers, pizzas and other high cal dinners from the diner, thinking it doesn’t matter, until Sam (for everyone else, the ‘voice of reason’) straightens him out.

    While Sam is everyone’s voice of reason, moments after he promises he won’t binge for 90 days, he searches the neighborhood for his cupcake of choice. Finding none, he returns to the office where he crowbars his way into the receptionists desk and without a second thought or hesitation, begins his binge.