Season 1 Episode 3

Scrotal Origami

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 18, 2005 on FX
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Scrotal Origami
Dan' wife throws him out of the house after she learns about his sexual experiment. Billie begins to work out more, but discovers the reason behinds a girl's figure. Also, Sam is in pain after his scissors slip out of his hands during personal self-grooming.

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  • Potty Humor. Good for them!

    The latest episode addressed male personal grooming, another groundbreaking discussion about a subject typically ‘female’, but in reality, increasing among men. Personal grooming, by the way, is the shaving or waxing of the “nether”, below the waist regions (just in case you’ve been living with Osama in some cave).

    We watch Sam in the shower with shaving cream and giant scissors, knowing what was going to happen. While that was painful, the phone call to 911 with his legs in the air, duct tape and ice packs on his ‘package’ was hilarious.

    At the gym, even though his scrotum injury is supposed to preclude him from working out, his disorder (eating disorders are often accompanied by body dysmorphic disorder to some degree) makes him. While he’s chasing women, or the possibility of them, there’s a feeling among some viewers that he’s a “little gay”.

    Dan, the largely overweight married sports lover is found out by his wife, who doesn’t believe him when he insists there was nothing sexual about his visits to the S&M prostitute (he’s telling the truth; he just wanted to watch the game). He’s now kicked out and living with cop, Adam, who has a fantasy girlfriend and binge & purges regularly while working out in-between. He grabs a bottle of Adam’s liquid laxative and we expect more poop humor coming up (errr, out?). Whether is actually gets followed through doesn’t matter…it’s there. In our heads.

    The odd couple pairing of Adam and Dan could be a potential slam-dunk for the series, but we’ll see. Hopefully it’s got plenty of time to develop.

    Billie starts competing with a stranger in the gym who has a fraction less body fat than she does. After working out for hours straight, nearly relapsing completely, she finds out the competition is a cancer survivor who is trying to gain weight and fat. This actually makes her feel bad, which is surprising insight into her sensitivity. It was a surprise to see it.

    The show remains a surprise all around. A non-reality show with so much reality that it puts those “reality” shows to shame. I’m not usually one for potty humor, which this show has plenty of, but the way they do it, is just grown-up enough to make me laugh while still going, “eeewwwww”!

    Good for them!


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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The character Adam makes reference to John Bobbit who in 1993 had his penis cut off by his spouse Lorena Bobbit. Police later found the appendage even after it was flung out of a car window and it was reattached. Even more interesting, John Bobbit went on to make a porn movie called Frankenpenis.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Adam: So literally how big did they blow up? No exaggerating.
      Dan: Apples?
      Sam: Mangos.
      Adam: Heh, heh, get out of here!
      Sam: No, its ridiculous, it's a freak show.
      Adam: Can I see em?
      Sam: Yeah in a second when I teabag you. You'll get a really good view of them then. They'll be right in front of you!

    • Adam: Your too funny man, trying to self John Bobbit yourself!

    • Sam: I have a bloody gaping wound on my scrotum. Ma'am are you going to help me with that? Yes it's bandaged and elevated, put the doctor on the phone, please!

    • Sam: No nothing's bandaged or elevated because it is a different situation this time. So put the… Ma'am, Ma'am, Ma'am, my testicles have swelled to literally the size of grapefruit! ---can I PLEASE speak to the doctor?!

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