Season 1 Episode 5

Thank you. I love you

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 01, 2005 on FX
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Thank you. I love you
At the gym Billie befriends a cancer survivor while Sam joins a yoga class to meet the instructor. Also Adam, who is a police officer, is caught by Internal Affairs for doing something wrong on the job.

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  • All too real. All too sad.

    Sam is trying, fruitlessly, to have sex (with himself) and meets a cyber-friend. Of course in getting there, a comedy of errors is well intertwined and culminates in discovering that Adam (cop) has also been there, done that (her).

    Billie is now addressing her drinking. Of course for anyone who has had an e.d., it’s known that tendency to abuse substances and display other compulsive-obsessive disorders is not just common, it’s almost compulsory.

    Adam blackmails fast food restaurants for free food in lieu of tickets on their cars. While telling his group he’s not binge and purging, he most assuredly is. And he’s caught.

    Sam makes a fool of himself in his yoga class to pick up the instructor. He’s rarely gone this far in acting so stupid. He’s pretty confident for a binge-eating, anorexic. That’s truly not usually the case. Self-esteem one of the most significant problems, so watching the series stay in the realm of fantasy while addressing reality is great.

    Adam is completely “outed” by his department, with his e.d. called “…a little girlie eating disorder”, which, again, is reality. Adam claims he’s gay rather than admitting to having an e.d. The number of men with e.d.’s is largely underestimated. Only recently have men begun to come forward and admit to having this problem. Preferring to be viewed as gay rather than being a binge eater or anorexic, a bulimic or any combination thereof.

    Sam’s new girl is a vegan and he learns the difference between not eating meat and not eating anything that even comes from an animal. He calls it a “deal breaker”, but she’s out to convert.

    Adam gets a visit from an investigator and he sets Dan up as his “special friend”. The backfire is that the investigator is also gay and was there to hook up!

    Sam seems to want to give the vegan a 2nd chance once she feeds him dessert on her terms. He feels compelled to tell her that “Hitler took laxatives because he was obsessed about his weight”. He’s always dropping clues to his new conquests, but they remain clueless.

    Dan enjoys the gay bar he and Adam and the inspector are in until the guy licks him. Then he yells he’s not gay and the investigator snaps, “Got Ya!”. Adam is dismissed, even after asking for the department to get him help. If he was a drug user or alcoholic, that would have been different, but an eating disorder? “Get out of my sight! You make me sick!” All too real.

    All too sad.


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