Season 1 Episode 7

The Breatharians

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 15, 2005 on FX
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The Breatharians
The gang gets kicked out of Belt Tighteners. Dan has his jaw wired shut after his heart attack caused him to not be able to have surgery. Adam finally confesses he has been binging and purging the whole time he claimed he was abstinent. Sam becomes a breatharian. Billie rejects Sam.moreless

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  • It's NOT OK!

    The "It's Not OK" club who hates everyone seems to hate this group of four friends most of all, but, I digress....

    Season finale and with hopes of a new season to come, Sam’s bug recovers and now vegan girl Shanti has brought up ‘fasting’ and “Breatharians”, people who don’t eat food. Randy (Shanti’s ditzy, new age extremist ex) says to Sam, in rationalization of his not eating for weeks, “I couldn’t stop eating cake and ice cream! I was your size, at least”... (This is called anorexia).

    Dan lived through the heart attack and now has his jaw wired shut (this was popular in the 70’s); Adam is lying to the group and pretending to still be on the force and working. Dan tattled about Adam still purging which brought Sam to his apartment to confront him. Oddly, these people can clearly see what’s wrong with each other, but not themselves. They are the checks and balances necessary to insure their own survival. They lie to themselves, but are offended when someone else lies to them.

    We aren’t surprised when Dan attempts to jam food into his wired shut mouth, sucks up cheez-whiz and is caught by his wife. She’s the voice of reason, he’s everything typical about obsessive-compulsive overeaters. It’s like alcoholism. Rather than treating their pain with liquor, they treat it with food.

    Sam goes for tanning to supplement his nourishment, now that he’s a hungry “breatharian” (yes people, there really ARE sad folks like this). He comes out looking like (as Billie says), “ oompah loompah”.

    Adam admits to the group that he’s been lying and nasty woman who has nothing supportive to say, ever, railroads our guys out of the group. Yup, the "It's NOT OK", hate everyone, be nasty, vicious and mean group seems to hate these four most of all and they actually vote them out!

    Later, he and Shanti double date with Billie and Allison, Sam of course getting jealous of the shared attention. Just as Sam asks to talk to Shanti alone, Randy shows up and lights Shanti’s eyes up. It’s becoming obvious to Sam that Shanti is over…and he cuts her lose before dinner is served, which for him means just a deep breath. He wants to tell Billie how he feels, again. Shanti reacts pretty badly for a peace-love-dove sort, but she leaves and Sam tells Billie how he feels, even going in for a kiss.

    Billie claims she’s falling in love with Allison and that Sam is deep in many denials, including his eating disorders. Sam insists she make a choice. If she walks away, it’s over. Billie walks away. Sam leaves.

    The 3 of the group stand waiting for him outside an OA (overaters anonymous) meeting. He doesn’t show, Billie hesitates, waiting. Sam’s home with a bag full of chocolate cake.

    Last scene is Dan boarding a bus to a weight loss clinic; Billie and Allison in bed (Allison revealing she’s wearing a wig and is bald); Adam asleep, dreaming of his imaginary girlfriend. Sam smashes the scale, which in reality is often one of the first real steps to coming out of the eating disorder, but he returns to his cake.

    Maybe next season.

    Still, it would be difficult to maintain the series if everyone got well. So, until then, I have to hope Sam doesn’t quite lose his jones for the cakes, that Billie wakes up and decides she wants someone with hair and a penis, that Dan discovers more of his real needs at the clinic and that Adam, just for a little while, finds someone to sit across the table from him.

    Not bringing this series back? IT'S NOT OK!moreless

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