Season 1 Episode 6

Viva La Cucaracha

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 08, 2005 on FX
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Viva La Cucaracha
Billie introduces her newest girlfriend to her parents. Sam decides to try becoming a Vegan and Dan finally decides to get serious about having his gastric bypass surgery.

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  • Killing Karma ?

    Sam, AGAIN gets the girl and this "relationship" has been the longest lasting in the series. The gag-gags in this episode aren't so much the barfing cop/Adam or fountaining fannies/Sam, but the creepy crawlies in Sam's home. He calls them water bugs, but they look like roaches to me. And they're everywhere! He smacks one and vegan girlfriend (who is the ultimate stereotype) gives it a funeral, complete with chants (vegan and Buddists are also stereotypically linked) and cremation.

    To keep up with his unrequited love's (Billie)new lover (a female) meeting her father(s) - Sam takes the vegan to meet HIS mother. Who promptly smacks a bug in her own house. Far too many bugs in this episode, I'd rather see the cop puke. This bug is only severely wounded and Sam's supposed to nurse it back to health since the vegan has decided it could have been his son in a previous life. It's these stupid, stupid stereotypes that stop more and more people from going meatless.

    Dan sits down to eat everything in his house in anticipation of finally going through with the gastric bypass operation. Entire pizzas, at least half a dozen hot dogs, a liter or more of soda and a table full of so much more! Flash forward and he's done. Table cleared. Certainly another exaggeration, but there are people who can eat massive amounts of food and still move.

    Billie's dinner with her two 'dads' is another assault on her ego and self-esteem, until cancer girl/girlfriend laces them out in lavender, calling Billie's actual 'dad' a sorry example of his own low self-esteem. It was beautiful, just beautiful. We do, however, see exactly why Billie developed her anorexia. For a strong personality, it's a mystery why SHE didn't put him in his place long ago. Instead, she continually just left, head hung low, defeated every time.

    Sam's relationship is over (though not official yet) when he starts squashing those "water bugs" all over his apartment, looking for them to whack them while the vegan undresses in another room.

    As Dan is checking in for his bypass surgery, it looks like another bypass will be necessary first. He goes into cardiac arrest at the desk and we end with him getting his heart jump started (or does it?).

    Sam still wants Billie and Billie doesn't know she wants Sam (or does she?).

    Critics of this series have no idea what it's about. Again, as a former sufferer of various eating disorders and current eating disorder counselor - this series, which is NOT "reality" is more real than many that say they are. It's not about the e.d.'s, it's about the people who are manifesting much deeper emotional, mental and even physical problems with an e.d. It's about how some imperfect and damaged people are using food in their lives to exercise just a little bit of control, even if it's all wrong.

    There's a lot of symbolism. Like Sam killing those bugs in the end...the end of his relationship with the vegan...killing karma.


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    • Dan: Is it true that one in every two hundred people die from the operation?
      Receptionist: Yes, but the other hundred ninety-nine live more happy, fuller lives as non-fat people.

    • Sam: I decided to become vegan. I've completely given up Nemo's. It's been two days, I feel amazing and I'm just excited about my new eating plan.
      Male Therapist: You don't help me. You never have. Even if God came down and said, "Kevin, I turned Sam into your favorite binge food peanut butter on saltines.," And demanded that I eat you. I'd say, "God I'm sorry the only way I could do that would be if I was bulimic and afterwards could throw him up and flush him down the toilet."

    • Male Therapist: You help me so much, thank you. Yeah, cause when I think of you it makes me so sick I vomit. It helps me stay under my goal weight.
      Dan: Thank you.

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