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  • This show is hilarious. I hate E!'s celebrity gossip crap, but this was just pure enjoyment. The characters were well shaped as far as physical features. I literally just couldn't stop laughing during some of the sketches. CHECK THIS SHOW OUT!

    I normally hate the celebrity gossip crap that E! normally produces, but this show left me rolling around laughing. Its definitely a "must see". Funniest celebrity show I've ever seen. There are sketches with Vince Vaughn, Arnold Swarchenegger, the Olsen twins, Brad and Angelina, Paris and Nicole, the Simpson sisters, etc. were just gut busters. The claymation is well done, as far as the facial and body shapes. It plays off a lot of stereotypes, but also uses them for some great sketches (like Paris and Nicole being really smart). I really hope they bring this one back because this show is as funny as any claymation show. Probably not as good as Robot Chicken, but its way funnier than Celebrity Deathmatch(I use to watch it) could ever be.