Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold

Friday 10:00 PM on Lifetime Premiered Dec 02, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 1/13/12
      19-year-old Bailey doesn't really believe she needs to give up her anorexia, or her drinking, despite her parents' desperate pleas to Tracey. Nevertheless, she agrees to begin treatment, in the hope of saving her new marriage. After 27 years of anorexia, and many failed treatments, Annalisa is willing to try one last time when Tracey offers her one last opportunity. However, she threatens to set herself up for failure with her refusal to follow the program and continuing negative attitudes.moreless
    • 12/30/11
      Over the last 18 months, Leonora has lost more than 200 pounds by starving herself and abusing prescription medications. Despite her potentially fatal condition, Tracey's efforts to bring her to California for treatment are endangered by her reluctance to first enter into detox for the medications
    • 12/23/11
      Over the last decade, Lauren's bulimia has taken her life downhill. With a new boyfriend considering marriage, Tracey's sudden offer of treatment presents her an unexpected new hope. Michelle's marriage is on the rocks and her husband Matt's despair over her eating disorders has become unbearable. Despite Michelle's denial, Tracey wants her in treatment for both her bulimia and her drinking.moreless
    • Ravaged!
      Episode 3
      Marlita's family is helpless and terrified by her life -threatening downward spiral into bulimia and drug addiction. Tracey's efforts to get her into treatment are thwarted when she refuses to go along with the food program she's been prescribed.
    • 12/9/11
      Tracey wants to help Suzanne, currently in jail for theft, continue her treatment while Lisa's husband is ready to leave her if she doesn't agree to get treatment for her anorexia.
    • 12/2/11
      Rivka refuses to stop over-exercising that could cost her life while Melissa threatens to leave treatment for her eating disorder.