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  • Was it just because I am Jewish or was this show soooo well done? I miss it.

    I loved it. I watched every episode. Heck, I taped every episode and watched them over and over again. It was so realistic. I have Jewish parents and they are exactly the same as Hannah’s. It was The Wonder Years meets Seinfeld meets a much funnier and better version of Lizzie McGuire. I just wish it had continued. I guess it never found its fan base; I don’t know if it was ahead of its time or if people thought it had already been done. Either way, this was one of those classic shows. The perfect blend of comedy, nostalgia, and a whole other myriad of emotions and genres. The kind that can make you laugh, make you cry, and make you re-evaluate how you look at your life. All in 30 minutes! You just don’t find that in every show and it should have kept going. The actors/actresses were hilarious and perfectly cast in their parts. I think this show was the epitome of what television should be: something that made you feel good about watching. To Hannah and Grace: We hardly knew ye.
  • A show with a 1960s setting and multi-religious focus? Growing up, I LOVED this show.

    While many channels try attracting young audiences with socially degrading shows (such as One Tree Hill, Dirty Pretty Liars, basically any show that focus on teen pregnancies and shallow worship of high-end lifestyles), State of Grace was SO refreshing for me as a young girl reaching prepubescence. Because the show's episodes are not open to the public, my memory is blurry. But I remember the impact of the show. I love music from the 1960s; and this show probably played a part in shaping my music tastes. I love film/tv that focus on social relations between differing racial, religious, & cultural groups. So this show was so interesting to me. In simple terms, it focuses on the friendship of two girls during one of the most turbulent decades of the 20th century. But the show goes so much deeper than that, with Catholic and Jewish differences being confronted head-on. But not through misunderstanding and hate; with tolerance and respect. In short, this show is not only great for a period piece drama, it provides a young viewer with a moral guide that is still relatable in this new century.
  • Grace is a Southern WASP. Hannah a Northern Jewish transplant to north Carolina. Hannah is shy and reserved. Grace draws out her playful side and the fun begins.

    A great family show. Laugh one minute and cry the next. Beautifully handled tough subject matter such as the Holocaust and cancer. A must see if you attended Catholic grade school in the '60's. A TV show with shades of " Last
    Catholic in America. Bring back the sweet memories of the "Sisters" who were as tough as nails,on the one hand,and as
    compassionate as your mother on the other.Once again you
    long for yesteryear ,of the time when you were 12 years old.
    To remember what it was like to be be daring,yet
    afraid.That extra sparkle in your eye will return as you are catapulted to your childhood again.
  • State of Grace!

    Oh my goodness! I remember 5 years ago when me and my older sister used to always watch this show every week it was on. I was 7 and she was 9. I remember parts of this show so well, and I've always missed it. The two girls, Hannah and Grace were always so adventurous, and Grace was always the daredevil. I loved seeing what wild thing the girls would do every week. This was my favorite tv show, and I really wish that they would play a few reruns once in a while. Just to relive it. I miss that show and I thought it was fantastic. I loved it!
  • bring it back for good ness sake!

    bring it back for goodness sake! this was a great show! I'd come home from school every day and wacth it! it was sooo funny! I cannot believe they canceled it! one day they just stopped showing it and I got really mad! this show had a great cast, perfect storyline, and memorable characters! no power in the verse can stop my love for this amazing, canceled show!! I really hope they put it on DVD soon! ANYTIME!! A S A P! I'm sure every girl would it, if only it could be preserved for future genrations. Send ABC Family letters!
  • I really loved this show. The cast and everything in it was soooooo good! I wish they would keep the good stuff on:(.

    Just like Life As We Know It, Reunion, Everwood, Arrested Development(with Alia Shawkat!!!) and countless others, shows that are truly inspiring are being cut. The producers see a bad show and just because it mayb seem like people love it, they keep it while shows that actually impact us are cut! I think as soon as shows get started they cut them out so shows with no point like Dancing with the Stars and other copies of the show are brought on. Now things are doing down hill and shows are being redone and they probably wish they kept the underdog show on the air. Oh well! So is life.
  • this show rocks and needs to come back right now because i loved this show and miss it!

    i loved this show!!! i would come home eeryday and watch it and love it! graces mom was a total freak and hannahs parents were so overprotective! i just thought of this show today and im sad that it got cancelled. it needs to come back! everyhint on tv is so stupid and that show was funny and swet and just all out awesome... i really wish it would come back!
  • Hannah and Grace become friends.

    I really enjoyed this show in its first season run but lost track of it over the second season as it bounced around between time slots. I really enjoyed both the Hannah and Grace characters but always identified myself as a Grace. The parents were greatly portrayed and the episode where Hannah's mother and Grace's mother bond over furniture was priceless. I'm glad that both the main actresses have found work after the show and if this show is to be released on DVD sometime in the future, it would always find a place in my collection. Thank you ABC/FOX family for a great show.
  • It was a really good show i watched it every day it was on! Best show ever! Oh yeah Hannah (Alia Shawkat) is hot

    It should go back on t.v. theres nothing else to watch. What shoud i do im really bored my life is coming to an end oh no t.v. is getting boring what am i going to do state of grace we need you and Alia we need to see u on t.v. being sexy i need to see u in 2 show not 1 well at least shows that are worth watching
  • This was wonderful, where did it go?

    State of Grace is interesting and funny. I have a confession to make, I waited about 16 or 17 years, studying the TV guide for my favorite actress Faye Grant to return to television and when she started her role as Tattie Makee on State of Grace I watched faithfully. I found myself falling in love with this marvelous show about the growing up years of two pre-adolescent girls. And it was so nice to have a show to watch with my kids. I hated to see it go :-(
  • Good show! I loved it and I remember it well. Ah, the good times! I miss this show and I hope it comes back again. It was critically acclaimed but didn't get the ratings it deserved!

    Good show! I loved it and I remember it well. Ah, the good times! I miss this show and I hope it comes back again. It was critically acclaimed but didn't get the ratings it deserved! This show deserves to be on DVD, or atleast shown in reruns on a channel that I and other people can watch it on! Just take it one step at a time! And I'll be happy! And so will other fans of the show! We should vote for it on! I'll get the excact link here it is:! Go search for it and vote for it to be on DVD!!
  • This was a great show, but know body really remembers it, and I don't think it got the credit it diserves. It was about a woman Hannah Rayburn, who's telling you about her childhood, about her jewish family and her friends! It was cancelled but I will alw

    I don't know why they cancelled it, but it was a great show! I miss it, it use to air on ABC Family a few years ago. I thought it was funny, my fav episode was when Hannah and her Grace went to see the Movie Birds! Loved the show!