State of Mind

Season 1 Episode 4

Passion Fishing

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 05, 2007 on Lifetime
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Passion Fishing
Dr. Bellowes and her estranged husband Phil are disagreeing over the division of their marital assets. She is beginning to get on with her life, though, as she goes on a date with Cordelia's ex-husband.

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  • Too many "Nerve-Wracking" minutes in the 40min. on air. The Whole Show has Too, 2, Too Many Antagonists.

    "Nerve-Wracking" from many standpoints.

    I could go back to the show 'on demand' And count the minutes worth watching ... I could do that, I may do that.

    But there's just Too, 2, Too many Antagonists !

    Way Too many. For instance... x-husbands, the supposedly main characters RECENT x, I mean, there are mean, nasty creeps out there... but he takes the knife for the worst one. Was it necessary to make him this much of a sleeze, in order to understand how this divorce affects the woman here.?

    Get rid of Fred for gawds sake, worthless character except to disgust certain viewers with his INsensitivity and name calling and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Symtoms. Theresa Randle (Cordelia Banks), IS mainly the ONLY Appropriately acting character on the show.

    AND the Story line with the 'crutch' guy NOT really being on crutches, WILL get me to watch again for

    more installments on that ONE s/l,

    But I'll just watch on the "Demand Channel" So I can Fast forward thru the Freds and alternative antagonists.

  • Naughty but nice!

    I loved the music playing when Ann comes home from work with William and finds her house destroyed -- then, when he slowly begins putting things back in order and creates a romantic venue for her. I could just feel the sexual tension building between them and was truly happy with the outcome. It was great to see her behaving spontaneously and having some fun for a change! I was also pretty shocked at Cordelia's apparently 'psycho' patient. It was well done at the end when he walks in front of her without her even noticing him. You've got my attention...moreless
  • not much i can say

    there's not much i can say about this episode. i was a little disappointed. i thought it was a bit mediocre, however i will try to highlight the things i did like about it.

    in the beginning of the episode i thought it was hilarious when Ann's husband/soon to be ex husband was telling her she's a mess, and she was flipping out on him and the sprinkler sprayed her in her "hot" pj's, and she had almost absolutely no expression about it. second, how ironic that Ann should get into a fender bender with Cordelia's (i'm going to call her Cordy) ex husband, whom she later finds out she was partially responsible for his care getting stolen, (and winds up in bed with him.) i don't know how to feel about that relationship, happy or unhappy. i thought it was funny when she asked him if he needed a ride. if that was me i would've been like "you're the one who smashed into me to begin with, i'm not getting in a car with you!" lol. i don't understand why Cordy's getting upset that Ann is sleeping with her ex, except for the reason that she and Ann are friends and ex's are usually off limits. you just don't break that rule. i still don't know what exactly Cordy is doing with that Dr. Caleeb. (or however you spell it) at this point i'm thinking they are just friends with benefits. however, i did find it slightly amusing how they kept getting interrupted. i think the guy that works the front desk is funny, but sometimes overdoes the same time, that's what makes him funny. Cordy's new client, the one pretending he can't walk without the retard sticks (forgive me, but i don't like him), i can't believe he's lying to her. i mean, what an obsessed little psychopath. it takes a real pathetic whackjob to have to pretend to your therapist that you're charming and disabled...(ironic since she told him he DIDN'T have to put on a show) only to find out the little punk is a lying, manipulating scumbag....will it turn into a stalking incident? guess we'll find out next week.moreless
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