State of Mind

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2007 on Lifetime
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Dr. Ann Bellowes is a therapist who may need some therapy of her own when she discovers her husband is having an affair with their couples' counselor. Her husband Phil is also a psychiatrist. When Ann kicks him out of their shared office, Ann must get a new tenant in the space.moreless

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  • Looks like its going to be interesting

    Just watched this episode and i was kinda not really into this show when i first heard about it, and i read that some people said was not good and all so it toke me a while to see it, but i liked it.

    Since im a psychology student the show for me was very interesting, see the other side, the side of the therapist and his/hers problems and issues.

    Very good idea for a show, just not sure if it is something that a lot of people would like to see or if they will be able to build nice and interesting stories along the way.

    But it seems good so far. Will keep watching.moreless
  • When Dr. Ann Bellowes discovers that her husband is cheating on her, her world starts to fall apart. She may be starting to see what it feels like on the other end of the therapy sessions.moreless

    This was the episode i missed. Obviously i know the characters better now, and have seen more of what's happened...I knew Ann's husband cheated on her, i just didn't see the episode where it happened. I feel bad for her, to see what she's going through. Dr. Taj Kalib was and still is an a**hole, especially in the sense with everything going on for Ann he tells her she must still find a new tenant for his old office immediately if she's kicking him out. Not that i think everyone who has an unfaithful husband deserves a pity party, but in this case i think a little sympathy would've been appropriate. I loved when Cordy said to Taj "if i was your wife, i'd stab you in your sleep." i was like WHOO you go girl! So Ann hires Barry White, a young lawyer who's father used to "kill people for a living.", to fill Phil's office. Dr. James Le Croix tries to help a little boy that's having problems adjusting to his adopted family, coming from ten years of brutal abuse of all kinds. This was probably one of the better episodes i've seen so far. I thought the waitress in the resteraunt was hilarious...especially when Ann told her to kiss her a** and she said "believe me honey if i could bend over that far i'd do it." haha.moreless
  • As the pilot, this episode gives us an introduction to the characters. The primary character deals with the implications of her husband's infidelity on her marriage. We see how two of the characters deal with their clients and their issues.moreless

    I watched because I am a therapist. I wasn't sure what to expect. Parts of the show are... different. However, two different situations with two different therapists describing their impressions of their clients' issues were wonderful! So good that I would keep them to use myself. The metaphor used to description the couple's issues was terrific. I enjoyed the show and the characters. It walked a fine line between being too weird and also too boring/serious. I think it has a nice blend and hopes that it does well.moreless
Sheryl Lee

Sheryl Lee

Mrs. Petrovsky

Guest Star

Michael O'Keefe

Michael O'Keefe

Mr. Petrovsky

Guest Star

Ken Page

Ken Page


Guest Star

Chris Diamantopoulos

Chris Diamantopoulos

Dr. Phil Ericksen

Recurring Role

Bridget Ann White

Bridget Ann White

Donna Rodinsky

Recurring Role

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    • (to the fighting couple)
      Ann: What is it with you people? I mean, you have looks. You have luck. You have IQs over 75, no apparent physical disabilities. And all you do is piss and moan about how you deserve better. You don't deserve better. Of course she doesn't want to sleep with you. You're like an ice cube all day. I mean, wild turkeys do a better job at foreplay. Of course he doesn't listen to you. Not one kind or supportive word comes out of your mouth. I mean, what do you think, marriage is easy? It's not. It's not easy. You're in a little lifeboat, you morons, in a big, cold ocean, and there you both are too lazy to row. Too selfish to do one inch more than your share. And there's a hole in the boat. And what do you do? "You fix it." "No, you fix it." "I fixed it the last time." "It's your fault." "No, it's your fault." Believe me, it's not the other person's fault. It's yours. Do you offer the other a hand? Do you row when the other one gets tired? Do you forgive? Do you apologize, as everybody needs to, a lot? For our mistakes, for our accidental cruelties, for the ways in which we disappoint each other all the time? No, you just sit there, co-captains of the "What's in it for me?" team, waiting for someone else, apparently the Marriage Fairy, to fix it. There is no Marriage Fairy, people, you either help each other or the marriage dies. And then there you are, two more people treading water, alone and cold, and wondering what went wrong. Shut up about your needs. Shut up about the past. Do more. Give more. Give what you never got. Love each other more than you deserve, for God's sake.

    • Mr. Petrovsky: I thought he would be a good fit.
      Dr. LeCroix: Really? A good fit. Where? At the country club? Elementary school, Christmas! In what way did you think a boy who was regularly beaten and terrorized, who barely speaks English, who probably let himself be sodomized for a warm pair of socks and thought himself lucky, in what way did you think he would be a good fit?

    • Ann has just walked in on Donna and Phil
      Ann: I wish you'd said, "Honey, what I need is a manipulative bleached blond couples therapist who fills her own emotional vacuum by preying on the needs of unhappy insecure and clueless men. A woman who cannot spell, let alone grasp psychotherapy- that's what I need." I would have liked that better.

    • Taj: You will have to find a new tenant.
      Ann: I beg your pardon?
      Taj: I said with you and Phil parting ways, we will need a new tenant. And you are in fact in charge of-
      Ann: Wait. Let me say it, Taj. Even though my life is falling down around my ears, even though I might reasonably expect my colleagues to lighten my load at this point, you are now going to remind me that I am in charge of housing?! No problem. I'll find a tenant. And I'll make sure that the loss of Phil Ericksen, and your Thursday squash partner, will not inconvenience you too much!
      Cordelia: If I were your wife, I'd stab you in your sleep.

    • Patient: You seem distracted.
      Dr. Bellowes: No.
      Patient: And now you're lying to me.
      Dr. Bellowes: No, no, no. Not at all.
      Look, this is not about me.
      Patient: No kidding. One hour a week is about me, and even my therapist can't pay attention.

    • Dr. Bellowes: Sophia.
      Patient: Dr. Bellowes, that's a handicapped space you're in.
      Dr. Bellowes: Thank you. Okay. I'll see you inside.
      Patient: Are you handicapped? Suddenly?
      Dr. Bellowes: Not more than anyone else in this business.

    • in Russian
      Dr. LeCroix: It's okay. My friend was just worried about you.
      Viktor: He thought you wanted to bugger me?
      Dr. LeCroix: Da.

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