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Lifetime (ended 2007)





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  • And it didn't start very high on a knoll, at that

    So many , Too, 2 many antagonists.

    And they make fun of ....
    therapy itself ... a lot of the time ...

    in a lot of dialog and story lines from all the Antagonists.

    Superfulous Regular cast characters.
    guests,1/3 of them are unrealistic.
    A wide aray of characters usually make a show more interesting, but NOT this Aray !

    Theresa Randle (Cordelia Banks), She's good in character and as actress... her facial expressions are so tell-telling !

    That may or may not be good in Real-Life Therapy, But as an actress on this show, it is Good for the Audience.

    Well I'll watch the show again, BUT only on Demand, so it' can be Fast-forwarded in certain parts.
  • pilot episode

    so i've got to say...a lot of new shows this summer. this again was only the first episode of yet another show this summer, but what can i say about it? i was a little bored at first, but then it picked up. i definately see the humor in this show, and i think it's hilarious how they have the therapist (the woman) actually having her own delusions...and the crooked psychiatrist dr. kaleed or whatever his name first you think he's a jerk accepting money to just write scripts, then you thing he's an even bigger jerk because he acts like he doesn't give a damn about his clients (or the 15 year old boy....was it Brandon?)however, by the end of the episode you see he really does care (or so it seems) about the boy, despite the "bad guy" fasad he may try to throw off to other people. i thought the transgendered girl was a great addition to the show...daring (since you almost never see that on a show that isn't aired specifically on a gay oriented channel such as Logo). let's see what next week brings