State of Play

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 25, 2003 on BBC

Episode Recap

The police still think Sonia Baker's death was suicide, but Cal's team of journalists are still keeping the metallic briefcase to themselves.

Stephen Collins goes to a committee meeting about the oil industry and tells a representative from the 'Environmental Alliance' that her research was funded by five different oil companies.

Stephen's wife Anne calls Cal and tells him that spin doctor Andrew Wilson has a letter proving that Stephen was about to leave her for Sonia. It was sent to another paper (The Mail) anonymously, and the details in it are authentic. Cal realizes Stephen has lied to him and was more involved with Sonia than he admitted. He asks Stephen if Sonia's parents would have known enough to leak the information.

Stephen and Anne are advised to call a press conference, and Stephen asks Anne to pretend she knew about his affair with Sonia and was planning to divorce Stephen, adding that she is sorry that Sonia Baker died. Anne agrees - ironically, she actually did know about the affair as she had received an anonymous letter about it, signed 'A well-wisher'.

Stella goes to the Fax office which faxed the letter, hoping to find out who sent it. For a few pounds, the assistant behind the counter tells her he can't remember whether the sender was a man or a woman and that it was a cash transaction. However, Stella sees young freelance journalist Dan also going into the Fax office and finds he has got more information. She discovers the sender was a man wearing an Apex company logo.

Meanwhile, Kelvin Stagg's mother goes to see Cal and asks if the paper can run a story about how she has a funeral arranged but cannot get her son's body released.

DCI Bell is now on the case and wants to see Della about the shooting, but she has left her office, not wanting to be questioned.

Stephen Collins turns up at the hotel where Anne is supposed to be staying. They say she has checked out, so he goes home, expecting to find her to be there. His teenage children ask him if he was planning to leave them for Sonia. He tells them their mother didn't really know about the affair and that he doesn't love Anne as much as he once did.

Dan Foster is taken back by the Herald to work for his father, Cameron, and Cameron asks him not to call him 'Dad' in the office and to write under his mother's surname instead of Foster.

Sonia had a private bank account into which someone was putting £2,000 a month. Was the money coming from Collins? Sonia was on someone's hit list, but why? Stagg says he had never met Sonia, but he says someone was after her. She didn't ring the police and used a payphone to ring her company at Apex House for an hour.

Anne is now staying with Cal. He comes home in the evening to find Anne, who manages a record store, listening to his CDs. They talk until Anne wants to sleep. She can't sleep and finds Cal working on an article about her. Anne is upset, Cal says he didn't know Stephen was having an affair and comforts her. Anne and Cal then make love.

Helen goes to the Apex building and finds the signature of two people who could have sent the fax in the entrance book. The team discover it was someone called Dominic Foy, after getting him to sign a receipt for a parcel. His handwriting matches that in the fax and the letter to Anne. They meet Dominic Foy and ask him if he knew Sonia Baker. Under pretence of ordering coffee, Foy leaves the building.

Stella's flat is raided. At first she thinks it is the police. However the man she sees leaving her building is the same person who is identified as shooting the courier at the scene of Stagg's murder.

DCI Bell comes to search the Herald's offices. Cameron Foster gives him the stolen briefcase. Cal refuses to say how it came into his possession and is arrested for obstructing the course of justice.