State of Play

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 08, 2003 on BBC

Episode Recap

Dominic Foy is hidden away in a hotel by the news team. Foy is told that is because the police are after him. In a room next door everything he says is transcribed by Syd.

Dan goes to Foy's home in pretence of collecting a suitcase for him and finds a video of Foy and Sonia on holiday together.

Della meets Bell and thanks him for the information about Foy, who they have picked up at the airport. She tells him that they have proof that Foy sent both anonymous letters.

Cal asks Foy if he was jealous of Stephen Collin's relationship with Sonia. He says he wasn't jealous, but that he loved Sonia.

Helen meets Andrew Wilson who informs her that he is going to tell the tabloid press about Anne's affair with Cal. Helen confronts Della, who says that she thought that Anne was simply staying at Cal's place, because she had said it wasn't convenient for Anne to stay with her.

Meanwhile Foy meets Syd in the hotel shop. Later to the team's amusement Syd informs them that Foy invited him back to his room and that Foy is gay.

Cameron meets up with Stephen Collins and persuades him not to inform the press about Cal's affair with Anne. He warns Collins that Sonia may have been planted in his office and that the police know her death was murder. Later Cameron asks Cal to meet with Stephen, when he says he refuses Cameron makes sure that the affair is out in the open by confronting him in front of the team.

That night Cal gives Anne a letter he wrote when he was waiting for her at the hotel in which he declares his love for her. He is prepared to live with her in Manchester if necessary.

Helen finds that Foy has had money put into his account by Warner Schloss, lobbyists for U-EX Oil. There have been three transactions for £25,000 and the last one was credited before Sonia's death, but debited after.

Susan, an ex girlfriend of Dan's works for U-EX Oil she denies any knowledge of information from Warner-Schloss from the Energy Select Committee that would have helped improve the company.

Greer helps Stephen find receipts to justify his cash spending for police. She finds a receipt for a weekend they Stephen and Sonia together at a hotel to celebrate Sonia's birthday. Sonia wanted to pay the expenses. Stephen discovers the account was settled by Warner-Schloss.

Greer also assures Cal that she was responsible for persuading Stephen to emply Sonia.

Dominic is followed in his car whilst on the telephone to U-EX Oil and is told his call has been transferred to Warner-Schloss. When Dominic confronts the driver of the car, they drive off.

Cameron is told by Bob Coutts that he is to spend no more than a £40,000 budget for this story and that the paper cannot afford to upset the government.

At the end of this episode both Dominic and Stephen are worried about their possible implications in Sonia's death.
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