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  • Woodward and Co did it in real life. Will Cal McCaffrey and Cameron Foster make the British Government collapse in this compelling and fascinating story ? For any person who likes conspiracy theories, this is the best series in recent years having

    What's not to like about this show ?

    Paul Abbott is a mastermind when it comes to writing a compelling and fascinating story with a few of the best actors the U.K. has to offer right now.

    Bill Nighy, as always, makes an excellent editor in chief with the guts to lose his job to fight for the principles he always believed in; John Simm is even more natural than any journalist I have seen in real life, taking the risks needed to expose the doings of a corrupt government.
    For any person who likes conspiracy theory type of shows, this one is the best example on how a conspiracy can be carried out to the end without having the feeling that the writers blotched it because they weren't given the proper resources to do a good job.

    When I started to watch the show, I actually didn't think it would be such a great show even though I always trust BBC productions as they always rhyme with excellency.

    The story starts with a simple suicide in the subway and a murder. What makes the suicide interesting for the journalists is that the woman was an employee at the Energy Commission led by Stephen Collins and Cal McCaffrey had to look into it as he was the director of Stephen Collins' election campaign. Soon, he is contacted by the family of the murdered boy and he realizes that both the suicide and the murder are tied. Once this is set up, the story goes into the intricacies of politics and the flaws of any human being.

    Until the end you wonder if the government will collapse under the weight of the enormous scandal about to break. You cheer when John Foster decides to lose his job to get the story out and you boo him when he manipulates Cal McCaffrey into getting to the bottom of the story despite the fact he will probably lose his best friend and his lover in the process.

    Not only the story is a masterpiece, but the actors have given their best. The series is also supported by an excellent soundtrack that makes you want to see the next episode immediately.

    If there is on British show to watch, this is the one.